Thursday, November 17, 2011

A Conversation with Candice Moore

I was going to go see Iron directed by the delightful, Candice Moore. I always adore her work as a fellow female director so I was totally bummed when I got a migraine and couldn't attend! Again, very sorry!
Candice was really nice and totally took an interview with me anyway. Thanks again!

Iron by Rona Munro debuted at the McAuley. You can find out more about her work at her website, Sweet and Sour productions.

1) Candice, as a director and producer what do you consider your style for selecting scripts? Why did you pick Iron?

I like to work with scripts that are dark, edgy and dramatic. I also like scripts that make the audience think and analyze the characters and situations. I came across Iron when I took a directing course at RADA in London in September 2010. I was drawn to Rona Munro’s modern, realistic and poetic writing.

2) Was any part of the script challenging for you or a member of the cast? How did you work through it?

The script was challenging for us as facts about the central character Fay were left deliberately vague and ambiguous by the writer. An example being when asked if her husband had hit her, she does not answer. The writer only includes a pause. So the cast and I discussed it and came to our own conclusion on how it should be played.

3) What was the design concept?

The designer Lara Genovese worked on the concept of dividing the space (the McAulay Studio) into four main areas which were: the waiting room, the visitors room, the prison garden and the prison cell. Her concept was not just literal as the space represented the characters’ inner thoughts and feelings.

4) As a female director, what your perspective on the HK art scene as it currently is?

I think the theatre scene in Hong Kong is busy and thriving. It is my goal to produce high quality, professional English-language theatre that is accessible to all. It is my goal to inspire performers and audiences by creating work that gives the former a rewarding creative journey and the latter an entertaining and satisfying night out that is value for money!

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