Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Superfood Lab- More like Super "Awesome" Food Lab!

Everyone knows I'm not too big on the healthy food craze. Raised in the Deep South, I'm a firm believer in everything is better deep fried and covered in butter. Needless to say, I was approached a few weeks ago by a local brand called Superfood Lab. They wanted me to check out their products and talk to you guys about them. Kinda like I've done with my cupcake postings and my theatre reviews in the past. But here's the thing... I know you guys are really smart and know my positions on these things.

You can add a boost to your caboose by going green!

I've talked about my nut allergy countless times on this blog. I've talked about my struggles with travels in Asia and the nut allergy. Superfood Lab has pictures of nuts all over the website and I thought there was a bit of conflict of interest in me personally trying this product.