Thursday, August 30, 2012

One Night Only!

There's only more 48 hours left til my new site is open to the world. I'm very excited but exhausted at the same time... Tomorrow we have our press conference where we're unveiling the site to the press. That's even more scary!

If you want to come to the press conference please let me know! I'm happy to have all bloggers, twats, and social media mavens around. Having the "real" press is nice and stuff but I'll always feel more at home in the web-verse where I can say whatever the hell I want and I don't have to worry about deadlines!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Exciting things are afoot in Honkers!

My new job as an editor is barrelling along fine to any of you that are wondering. Right now we're working on the final ten days before we launch the website. ( Shameless plug, la!

A lot of great things have come from this opportunity so far! I was given the honor of a press pass to Detention by the Tang Shui Wing company which I'll be seeing on Sept. 6th! Very excited about this as the show looks amazing from the promo pictures and I am a big fan of Mr. Wing's work. The show is playing at the Shouson Theatre in Wanchai Sept. 6th- 9th. I think the show looks super fun, what do you think?

You can get more info on the production at the Studio's website.

Also, I'm working on a very exciting secret project for the launch. Want to know what it is?
Come to the TST Cultural Center, outside between the center and the art museum on SUNDAY, Sept 2nd at 5pm! I promise you'll have fun! If you're an artist and want to get involved with me on this super fun "secret mission" send me a message! All mediums and nationalities welcome as long as you LOVE art and LOVE Hong Kong!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Drama/ESL Teacher Needed for Awesome Charity Opportunity

Volunteers STILL URGENTLY needed!


Can you spare an hour this Sunday? Want to eat delicious Indonesian food and make new friends in Victoria Park? I am in need of a English teacher (you can use drama games - in fact this is highly encouraged) to work with a group of 30 Indonesian domestic workers who need to drastically improve their English in order to develop better working relationships with their employers. The women are eager students in need of some support. If you can only make this Sunday that is fine. Or if you can commit to a few Sundays in August that would be highly appreciated.

Please contact

PS- I know Kyle and she is a wonderful artist who works very hard to use drama as a medium to help people. Help her with your amazing talents by supporting this charity she has started. She doesn't need money she needs your time and your skills for one hour on Sunday!

Dear Theatre Artists of Hong Kong...

As many of you know I recently took on a position as the editor of an online magazine dedicated to promoting Hong Kong's theatre and performing scene.
Part of this job is gauging what are your needs as a community from an online resource that will assist you by promoting you theatre shows via the internet and social media channels.

Filling it out is important because we are tailoring the website to your answers in the survey.
Your needs are important to us!

For Theatre Professionals

General Use Survey (For those who love the arts but don't produce it.)

I really appreciate it.
Please answer both! They have completely different questions on them! will be live Sept. 1! Please send all your press releases to for any shows that are being produced in the fall.
It's our pleasure to the get the word out on the great art you are producing in our wonderful city!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Ladies Weekend in Macau- A Guide

I love a good ladies weekend in Macau. It's totally sexist but we get a lot of freebies that boys don't get. I totally take advantage of this... They let us into clubs first, they give us free drinks, they're polite to us, they hold doors open for us! As much as I would love to include a couple of my gays in on one the these trips I know they would totally ruin my abilities to get bonuses!!!

Our trip this time was surrounding seeing a show at the City of Dreams. My previous Ladies Weekends have been about: Mid Autumn Festival, People Leaving HK, Lady Gaga Concert, Birthday Weekends. Basically, find an excuse to grab an overnight bag and take a trip to Macau! Treat yourself and your girlfriends to a night away in a city that never sleeps!

Here are some simple rules I think help make your trip better and some things that I loved in Macau that I think are must sees.

Taboo- Review- City of Dreams

Every year I have an amazing time with my girlfriends and have a ladies weekend in Macau. This years' ladies weekend revolved around seeing Taboo, the new Dragone show produced at The City of Dreams. As a member of Hong Kong's Vixens and a big fan of burlesque as an art form I was really excited to see what this amazing production team could do with such a sexy theme. I really believe there is a huge market for adult entertainment in Macau that is being largely ignored. There are fifty showgirl shows in Las Vegas- some great and some tacky. I like that the team from Dragone decided to do something sexy. I think that it was a well conceived idea and was indeed a beautifully designed show. It is very sexy, the dancers cast are beautiful and extremely talented at what they do.

Friday, August 3, 2012

What Makes Art Good?

I know everyone has a different philosophy on what makes art good.
I think all art is valid but whether it's good is a whole other story.

Opinions wanted! What do you think makes art good?

Coming Soon...

Dear Loyal Readers,

Thank you so much for being a fan, enemy, or passive reader of my blog; HKarts. I have appreciated all your support and your hate mail. As some of you know, I recently accepted a job running the first online magazine for theatre in Hong Kong. I cannot release a lot of details but I wanted to make sure I said thank you for reading.

If you hadn't read my blog then I wouldn't have gotten this fabulous new job opportunity.
The old site will stay active for my continued travel, art, and food related postings. I also will be linking into the new site so you can see my continued reviews, previews, op-eds and features on local artists.

I'm passionate about theatre and I'm passionate about artists in Hong Kong. You are some very talented people and deserve recognition for your hard work. I'm proud to be one of you and I'm happy to be a new piece of the puzzle when the new zine opens.

We hope to have the new site launched by Sept. 1 for the opening of the season.
Please continue sending me all your press releases! I'll also be hiring writers, if you're interested in getting into the blogging game, please let me know...

Don't let people tell you that dreams don't come true. I now have a job where I can work from home in my jammies and get free theatre tickets. My dream job!!! Don't let people tell you that talent, hardwork and good ideas go unnoticed. My blog has been up for three years but only got a lot of traction in the past year. My hits went up 400% thanks to all of you!

More details are to come. Keep checking for updates!
Keep creating great art,


PS- I am making a list of EVERY single theatre company, theatre school, opera company, dance company, corporate event entertainer, dance school in HONG KONG! This is a very arduous task. Please help me out and send me links to your websites or facebook pages!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Artist of the Month- Chun Ying

This month's Artist of the Month is a working Cantonese Performer and Artist. He makes a living everyday working in our field. He doesn't have to wait tables or teach classes to pay his bills. He actually is a paid actor. *shock and awe* He busts his butt too! I wanted to feature a Cantonese Performer for this month. Please get to know him!