Examples Of My Work

Here are examples of my directorial and design work. I am a multi-talented director/designer. Meaning that when I work on a show I tend to do more than one job on creating the whole show experience. I am also a organic process director. I let the actors create the characters and the scenes and then together we build it into the scenes and finalize the blocking within the final two weeks of rehearsal. It is not a process that works for all actors but it a process I find to be very collaborative and rewarding. I love the teamwork elements of drama the most.

I work the same way with children performers as I do when I work with adults. Children are very smart. They have excellent instincts as performers and it is my job as a director to encourage them to trust them! I have recently forayed into the business side of theatre and found the producing job to be very fufilling and challenging! I thought I would hate learning about the money side of theatre since I hated math in school but I actually find hunting down sponsors and making profits really fun!

Design wise I'm a "jack of all trades". My main skill as a designer is creating shows with a unique voice with little money. I'm a begger, borrower, stealer. The only type of design I cannot do is Sound Engineering. I never learned, sorry. (And regret it every damn day...) I am proficient in photoshop but currently do not own the program. Get me access to it and I can help you!

I also have experience in front of house and production management.

Digital Portfolios, Resumes and CVS are available upon request!

Director and Production Design, Lysistrata- Produced by DEER Theatre

Director and Production Design, We Won't Pay! We Won't Pay!- Produced by Italian Chamber of Commerce
Sister Mary Ignatius Explains it All for You, Director and Costume Designer- Produced by ACT Hong Kong
Director and Production Design, The Importance of Being Earnest, DEER Theatre
Closet Madness- Student Showcase, Director
The Adorable Cast of 101 Dalmations!
Cinderella, Directing and Lighting Design
What Goes Bump in the Night- Director and Lighting Design, DEER Theatre
Costume Design- Zorro- Latech University
Charlotte's Webb- Heung To Middle School
Spring Musical- Taikoo Primary
Assistant Props Design- Central City Opera
Costume Design- Vanities- LaTech University
Dearly Departed, Assistant Directing and Dramaturgy under Paul B. Crook
Costume Design, Annie, DEER Theatre
Performer, Writer, Production Manager and Designer- Snow and the Deadly Seven, The Vixens

W;t, Assistant Lighting Designer under Mark Guinn, LA Tech
Trestle at Pope Lick Creek, Assistant Director under Kate Musgrove, Columbus State University
Rikki Tikki Tavi, Costume Design, Columbus State University ACTF Nominated


  1. Very cool. I like the look of We Won't Pay! Did you do the lighting on it?

    1. Yes I did. I did all of the design work on We Won't Pay! But I had a lot of help from my producer, Joni Ann Griffin on the execution of the designs.

  2. What's your average budget you work with?

    1. Every show is different. In HK my average budget is 2,000HKD.

  3. Saw the Vixens show! Really funny!

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