Thursday, April 3, 2014

Shakespeare in the Port is coming!

We only have two weeks left until the Shakespeare festival is open! Yea!

Shakespeare in the Port is Hong Kong's first outdoor theatre festival. We're dedicated to exposing to kids to the arts in a fun, casual atmosphere. We are created by the artists of Hong Kong for the people of Hong Kong. When I started the festival 4 years ago, people were telling me the only way it would be successful was if I brought in fancy tours from England.

I call BS.

We received a small grant to help cover our production costs but a majority of our funding came from crowdfunding. That's right, our funding came from the people. This proves that our community is passionate about bringing a home grown, outdoor festival to Hong Kong.

Our two mainstage shows are The Taming of the Shrew and The Tragedy of Miss Julius Caesar. We also have special events on Easter Sunday, Shakespeare's Birthday Party and an Open Cast Party on May 4th. 

Here's our youtube promo for the festival.

Tickets can be purchased through Ticketflap.
You can find more information at our official website,

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