Monday, November 1, 2010

Top 5 Eggs Benedicts in Hong Kong

I have eaten Eggs Benedict at twenty resteraunts in Hong Kong. It is a serious passion of mine to find the perfect eggs benedict. Something about this dish gives me mad cravings for it; other Eggs Benedict fans have explained to me that it is a perfect dish. I kind of agree it is salty and creamy and has bread so it fills you up properly and most importantly.... soft poached eggs.

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1. Brunch Club, Peel St., SOHO, Hong Kong
4/5 Eggs
Time served: ALL DAY!
Brunch club gives you three options for their benedict which is great if you're veggie but love hollandaise or in the mood to try something different. I tried the traditional which I had heard wonderful things about. Cooking time is slower due to the fact that Brunch club is basically two stove tops and an oven. Herb Focatia is used instead of the traditional muffin and gives a great flavor and texture boost the the benedict.
Eggs were perfectly cooked, Bacon was smoky and thick. But I would have wished their hollandaise was thicker.

2. Coyote, Lockhart Rd., Wanchai
4/5 Eggs
Time served: Sunday mornings only
A spicy Eggs benedict for you non traditionalists! It comes with a spicy hollandaise which I could have drank it was so good! Spinach is delish and a nice addition to the benedict. The sausage is spicy as well to help with the mexican flavors. Eggs are soft poached- although 1 time I had to send them back because they left them under the heat lamp too long. (minus 1 point- coyote) For 150 you can get a benedict and a bloody mary. The perfect start to your sunday!

3. Venetian Hotel, Macau, Room service
3 1/2/5 Eggs
Serving Time: Until 2pm in Room service.
Paying out the ass is worth it for the Eggs Benedict at the Venetian. It is a HUGE vegas style portion with a delicious hollandaise. Amazingly the eggs are not overcooked nor anything soggy on the trip up to your room. Bottomless cup of coffee along with it and the 5,000 threadcount sheets. A perfect morning after a long night at the slots!

4. Bacar, Shelly St.,SOHO
3/5 Eggs
Serving Time: Sunday mornings/early afternoon
The only thing that didn't make this benedict perfect was the bread. Braca uses a sourdough bread (probably baked the night before) and paired it with amazing panchetta, two soft poached eggs that were the best I have ever had and hollandaise. They were a little stingy on the hollandaise as well but the portions and extra side dish of fruit helped boost this Benedict to the top 5.

5. Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Central
3/5 Eggs
Serving Time: Unknown
I have heard the resteraunt in the Mandarin has stopped serving this dish. This would be very sad for me as it was a really good benedict. It is from a fancier establishment and therefore pushing some boundries on flavors. Mine had a splash of balsamic on it for a kick! Portions are smaller here but you get more things and the champagne is unlimited. 250 HK and you can spend the whole sunday getting shitfaced on one of the nicest rooftops in HK. Great view of the sky scrapers and a nice garlicy buttery benedict. YUM!

*DO NOT order Benedict from Life Cafe. I tried it knowing it would be vegetarian dish and it was horrible. Life makes beautiful bread and uses organic eggs but the taste of their benedict was just "blah". Veggies and Vegans can make a benedict on their own better than this place!*

Runner up:
The Flying Pan- simply for serving me eggs benedict 24 hours a day. Their poached eggs kind of suck though. Sauce is amazing!

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