Sunday, November 21, 2010

Solo Travel Guide 2010

I am going to a wedding this christmas in France. I am very excited but nervous about attending a very fancy wedding in a foreign country. What if I make some huge faux pas? The french already supposedly hate Americans! What if I set American/French relations back 50 years by eating with the wrong fork or insulting the escargot! I am all for new experiences but this wedding experience is making me excited and nervous. I have never been to such a fancy wedding before and certainly not in a castle in france!

I just bought my train tickets today and my plane tickets were bought earlier this month. The itinerary is getting solidified. Here is a rough outline for those of you excited in the trip. I will also take all travel advice!

Day 17th
Arrive in Paris travel to Strasbourg
Day 18th
See Strasbourg, attend the wedding
Day 19th
Take a bus 1 hour to Basel, Swisserland. Eat some chocolate, see some mountains, see this really cool museum in Basel dedicated to this cool kinetic artist. Spend the night
Day 20th
Take the bus back to Strasbourg
Take the train to Paris
Transfer trains to London. See my friend Sarah from Hong Kong.
Day 21st.
See more of London
Stay with Sarah again.
Day 22nd
Travel to Paris. Transfer trains to Amsterdam. See the Anne Frank House, the Van Gogh Museum, the Canals. Find a hostel with as little pot as possible.
Day 23rd.
Travel to Bruges.
Day 24th
See more of Bruges
Day 25th
Day 26th- 29th
this will include side trips to Versailles, the Louvre, The Musee Rodin, Sacre Cour and as much avant guarde french theatre as I can stand.

I would also like to see Brussels and Dijon on this trip. If I have time I will try to fit these two places in. My train pass allows unlimited travel in France and Benelux. I am spending extra on the bus to Swiss and the train to London but I figure the free place to stay in London will make up for the money spent and I just want to see Swisserland.

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