Saturday, April 2, 2011

Review- Momix Dance Theatre

The last show of my Hong Kong Arts Festival adventure was a night with the Momix Dance Theatre: Momix reMix. The Momix show was a collection of their greatest hits arranged into a two hour piece. Momix was founded by Moses Pendleton who was one of the founding members of Pilobolus Dance Theatre in the seventies. Momix was founded by him in 1980. Momix has been featured on PBS several times on various dance presents specials.

 Act one of MOMIX: reMIX has six different pieces in it. And act two has six as well, Act two is a little bit shorter because the pieces are shorter in time. Momix uses props and scenery as part of the dance structure. They did amazing things with simple things like excersize balls, foam pool noodles, giant tutus and big pieces of fabric. There act one finale is a piece done completely in shadow. You could tell that Pendleton had worked for Pilobolus when I saw this piece as the shadow work was just as fascinating as Pilobolus' work at the Oscars.

You can see in the video shots of some of the best pieces in the show. I highly recommend you watch it as this show was my favorite piece I saw at HKAF after "The Threepenny Opera". The core strength and physical endurance it must have taken to do this show was truly awe inspiring. It was even more surprsing when only a dozen dancers came out to the do the bow. They all were triple and even quadruple dipping into numbers with some serious choreography and strength needed!

My favorite number (s) I can't pick just one with this show!
For it's amazing costume intergration and beautiful creation of flowers through the human body and ruffles!
Aqua Flora
A beautiful piece with fabric that made dancers into jelly fish!
A shot from Marigolds. Such cute and perfect flowers!
The one I could have passed on
NONE! But I will say that act one is much more seamless than act two. Act one flowed beautifully but act two felt a little choppy at times. Perhaps because there were so many blackouts or it could have been because act one is all about nature and was connected and act two seemed to be pulled from many different hats.

I can't wait to see another Momix show! I hope HKAF brings another next year!!!


  1. This looks absolutely amazing. Thanks for posting that video. I hope they come to my area soon.

    Love the theme of your blog!

  2. They were a great show to see! Thanks for the compliment about the blog. Sometimes I wonder if my postings are too random...