Monday, April 18, 2011

Planning a visit for someone Else!

I don't know about you. But I find that planning a visit for someone when they are coming to see you is much more stressful than doing your own visit. I am a very relaxed traveller. I go where I want when I want. I am one of those people who wanders and then makes sure she has a hostel booked because I don't want to end up homeless on the road. (My biggest fear is having no where to sleep. My first night in Paris was AWFUL because of this mishap. COLD!)

My mother is coming to visit me. She has not been to Hong Kong since the seventies and I have not seen her in a year and half. My mother is rather reluctant to use the wonderful internet for communication so I speak to her on the phone everyday! But it's just not the same as getting a hug and getting to see her face!
So, I knew when she was coming I was going to have to do some serious planning. I booked a hotel in Macau and got us tickets to the hottest show there. The House of Dancing Water by the Dragone. It's the most expensive show in asian history and I was excited to take her to see it! Now, I find out it's going to bloody rain the whole time we're in Macau... Great... Oh well, we'll just get wet! Perhaps we should invest in rain coats.

I also made booking for her at Aqua Luna, the only red sail junk left in Hong Kong for her first night. Hopefully it will not rain and the harbor will look pretty. I also made bookings at the Hong Kong dolphin watch. I am considering making a reservation for the cable car at Lantau but I don't want to have a foggy experience like my friend Juno got. (It was SOOOO disapointing!)

For my friends and family who want to know our schedule for the week

MONDAY (Today)
Mommy arrives
Get Luggage Home
Make sure Mommy doesn't die from Jet Lag.
Go to my school in Kwai Hing where she can see a beautiful production of "Robin Hood- Hip Hop Edition"
(2 hours to get to the Aqua Luna and maybe see something on the way. Coffee Break if needed.)
Aqua Luna- junk ride with the light show behind it.
Dinner/Home (I thought it better to NOT eat before getting a boat.)

Wake up
Go to a one hour class where Mommy will have a coffee with another Mommy who is visiting
Antiquing- my mother's favorite hobby
Go to TaiKoo via Ding Ding (1 hour for travel)
One hour class on a musical about the pros/cons of kung fu vs. ballet dancing
(Mother can either attend the class or hang out at the mall next door.)
Stanley Market/ Fish and Chips on the beach

Dolphin Watching
(If mommy is not sick from the boat) BIG BUDDHA in LANTAU

(This day is only roughly planned due to weather worries.)
New Territories and Kowloon Day
10,000 Buddhas OR The Wetland Park (Mommy chooses)
Cultural Museum in Shatin (My favorite museum in HK)
Ladies Market for shopping!
Chi Lin Monastery and Wong Tai Sin
Visit Jordan for a bowl of Pho (which is amazing!)
Night Market in Jordan!

Morning is unplanned as I am letting mommy make the decisions.
Go to Macau, stay the night in a fancy hotel I got on discount. We might spend the whole day in Macau due to the fact that rain is only at 40% on Friday and is at 70% on saturday

Finish Macau
5pm- House of Dancing Water

Sunday (Easter!)
Top Deck in Aberdeen for a Mommy Lunch. (Several girls all bringing their mother's together for unlimited brunch and booze!)
Afternoon- clear (Mommy picks)

Unplanned at the moment. Do what Mommy wants to!

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