Friday, June 24, 2011

Review- Luxuria

I stopped by Drop on Friday night to see a cabaret show presented by friends called Luxuria. I love European style cabaret. I spent some time in Paris in the cabarets (avoiding the expensive ones in Mont marte) and I love some Liza so I knew this was a show built for someone like me.
La Chiquitta returns!

Now, don't get me wrong. The show was fun. And the actors and dancers were good. Here's the problem. You paid two hundred dollars and you couldn't see a thing! If an actor wasn't standing in front of you than the entire cast was hiding behind the giant deco style poles. Surely a little something could have been done spacing wise that could have allowed the whole space to see at least one actor at all times. Or, if you know there are seats where people have restricted views than charge less for them. The drinks were undrinkable. (Everyone in the party said so) and the show was wicked expensive for an hour. Now, it was fun and the cast and crew came out afterward and hung out with everyone which is how I mainly got to see everything. I didn't really get to see much performance wise from my seat so I chose to stand for most of the show.

Song choices were fun and your basic cabaret staples. Some songs were sung twice, which I didn't understand. The dancing which is the main part of the cabaret show vehicle was great! I enjoyed the dancing that I saw a lot and I thought everyone did a really good job. And on a personal note, La Chiquitta is BACK! YEA!

I think if they are going to do another night of this they need to add a couple more songs to the repetoire and make the show a bit a longer. Also, we all know the show Cabaret so we as an audience are fully aware when your Emcee (Hamish Campbell) is ripping off Alan Cumming. He either needs to own it and fess up to it part way through the show that he's in on the joke or he needs to come up with some of his own material. We were all finishing his jokes for him. Hamish is too good of an actor to copy cat some one the entire show, I know he is capable of doing a lot more and coming up with his own material as a comedian and as a host.

Now, don't make this seem like I didn't enjoy myself or have fun. I really enjoyed this show and had a good time at this show. It was just very apparent in this performance that it was the performers first time in the venue performing this style of show. It had some kinks to still be worked out, but kinks and all it was still a good time. But note to the bartender, the drinks were un-servable... Don't torture your patrons like that if you want people to come back!!!


The damn poles that blocked my view the whole night!

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