Sunday, October 9, 2011

Playwrights wanted!

10 Playwrights wanted for world premiere 10 minute play festival called "I "Heart" Hong Kong"

Must write a ten minute play about the experience of living/experiencing Hong Kong.
In the same vein as Paris J'Taime or New York, I love You the work is to be overall positive and talk about things we love about our fair city. (But don't make them fluffy, just because something is positive doesn't mean it ignores important issues.) Ten minute dance pieces/performance art are welcome but some visual representation must be submitted for proposal.

Plays must be world premieres, cannot have been previously produced or published.
Plays must be 10 minutes in length, not have excessive technical requirements or casting requirements.
(Example: If a play requires 14 mixed children and pyrotechnics it will most likely not be selected.)

Play festival to be produced in March/April. Playwrights will be compensated with house seats and feedback from a talkback session from local writers and theatre producers.

Cantonese and English pieces welcome.
Please email scripts/proposals to Meaghan McGurgan
Submission Date- October 31st

If your play is chosen to be produced, as the playwright you are welcome to be involved in the casting process but you MAY NOT act/direct your piece as we are trying to expand the HK theatrical community and get as many artists involved. Should you wish to also act/direct you may submit your resume for one of the other pieces.

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