Saturday, October 8, 2011

Review- I love you, you're perfect, now change! Hong Kong Singers

There are scripts in this world that cannot be ruined unless you butcher them. I love you, you're perfect is one of the most hilarious musicals to be written recently and is very loved by the theatre community. For it's accurate and yet hysterical view of men, women and love. Hong Kong Singers chose this as their next show, after producing big budget shows like Oliver and Millie in recent years I give them credit for going back to simplicity. It really showed a different side of them and was a nice showcase of good quality acting and singing in Hong Kong.

Directed by Wendy Herbert she took a really simple approach to directing the piece which I think was excellent. It was beautifully staged and I really enjoyed the black/white grey concept to the show. The pops of red that would show up occasionally were nice highlights to specific moments. Thanks to Marion McDonald for wearing the red lacy number. You made my night girl!

The cast was very talented, genuine, believable and most of all likable! We were rooting them on in all their situations and they seamless changed characters throughout the night. Serious props to the Matthews. (Both of them.) Matthew Gillespie's, The Tear Jerker and Matthew Collingwood's Baby's Parent's numbers were two of the best of the night.

Overall, I believe that the women were better singers but the men were really good at the acting side of things. I enjoyed the various shapes, sizes and ethnicity in the casting. I didn't quite understand why there was a cast of 7. Typically, I love you is done with a cast of 6. I thought maybe it had something to do with the availability of the actor's for rehearsals as one of the actors (Paul Hay) seemed to be in significantly less numbers than the rest of the cast.

Technically it was a good show. There were a few complaints from audience members about the speakers being too loud. Most of the audience members were older than 40 I would like to point out. All of us that own ipods were like, yeah!, crank it up bitches!!!!!
My only technical qualm was Daniel Cheong's makeup. It was signicantly heavier than the rest of the casts and his lips looked super feminine. He should have gone with a lighter color or something a little less shiny. An easy mistake to make, it's a small theatre space and you have to have a gentle hand with the blush brush.

Overall a great show! So happy I got a ticket as the thing sold out super fast! If you have a chance to steals someone's ticket for tonight or go to the bonus performance in DB you should. It's a great show with really talented people who were obviously working up a sweat on stage!
Grade- A+
(Great script, great actors, simple and not over fussed with. Perfection~!)

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  1. I'm listening the OST right now. It's just super brilliant show!!!! Ahg, want to see it again!