Sunday, April 28, 2013


May 5th, 8pm
Doors open at 7:30
Tickets are 200HKD (Discount for groups of 6+)
18+ Adult content.

I have the second run of my original play #HKproblems_theplay happening next Sunday at Grappa's. I would really love it if some of my blogger buddies came and showed their support to the local art scene. I'm paying the actors and the crew, so every ticket counts!

Grappa's Cellar is pretty big and can hold up to 200 people so no need to worry about selling out. Come out and see us! If you want to call in advance and book a nice table right in front you can call 2521-2322 

Here's the press release for the show. We basically were fans of the #hkproblems twitter feed and thought this is fabulous material for a show, someone should do one. Then we thought on it some more... Why can't we write a show about it? 2 weeks later we had a script. In 2 months we had the play rehearsed and we produced our world premiere at Beating Heart. Craig was super supportive of us and I was very grateful to him to giving our dog and pony show a home.

We had reviews come out for the show. See one here.

We had people love us. We had people hate us. Some people called our show, "An Abomination." Others called it,"the best show I've ever seen in Hong Kong".

For the second run we're going to make it bigger and better. We're filming a new youtube segment. We were surprised and shocked to find our video from the first production just recently had 6,000 hits on youtube. 

I hope to see you all there. I promise it'll be better than the inflatable dog shit statue at the WKAD.

Find out even more about the show and the people working on it at our official website!

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