Sunday, June 16, 2013

Heckler Awards

If you liked my awards on my blog last year then you'll be happy to know that my new online zine will be hosting them and making them bigger and better!

These awards are to celebrate local artists in Hong Kong that create theatre and dance. No tours allowed! Nominations begin June 15th and the ceremony will be on September 3rd at Bisous!

Here's the link to the open nomination ballot:

You can nominate up to 5 persons/shows in each category.

To find out more about the awards and the categories, I recommend you go to my new blog and check out the post that has all the details and has the sign up for where you can get your final ballot.

You can also sign up for the newsletter there. We'll be sending out the invites for the awards party through our mailing list, so make sure you sign up!

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