Monday, March 26, 2012

Vlog #2- Women's Issues

Despite being the 21st century there are still some women's rights issues in the art community NO MATTER where you live! This morning I sat down with two directors in the Hong Kong theatre community, Candice Moore and Wendy Herbert to discuss hot button lady's laments.

What do we feel about issues like the casting couch, the unbalanced audition pool, how are women directors treated compared to their male counterparts, are women's lit pieces done enough, are we pulling in enough of the female demographic audience with our play choices?

All of this and more discussed in this vlog: Women's Issues in Hong Kong.
Feel free to start a hearty discussion in the comments! The more conversation the better!

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  1. You need to buy a mic or ask people to speak louder. I can't hear the one girl at all.