Monday, February 21, 2011

Mouse Shaped Food and Fun

My friend Juno had never been to Hong Kong Disneyland before. This as an American child was shocking to me, Disney world vacations went hand in hand with my childhood memories. I remember fondly going to both the California Park and the Florida Park on several occasions. Florida is superior because it has Epcot and my family is an Epcot family. But I know some families aren't...
Juno enjoying her ride in a space ship in Tomorrow Land!

When I was a little girl my favorite ride was Dumbo, it then morphed into the Norwegian Troll Ride at Epcot and now my favorite Disney experience are any of the debunct rides they got rid of. I remember back to the 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Ride and Body Wars at Epcot Center. Why they got rid of these awesome rides? I have no idea, but they are awesome in my memory and outshine the ones that stand today.
My mother once puked after riding the teacups when I was a kid, just thought I'd share that memory...
Hong Kong Disney Land is the newest of the Disney Theme Parks and the smallest. It only has a small Magic Kingdom that consists of a fantasy land, adventure land and tomorrow land. That's it. There are three pavillions for Broadway style shows and several nice resteraunts but that's about it to the Disney Park. Upon going to it for the first time with Juno and looking at the map I thought, this is it?! You can easily do the park in a day or half a day. We did it about half a day and we only didn't get to ride Dumbo due to the long lines.
Cotton Candy!!! It was shrinking due to the humidity!
Yeah, you heard me, long lines. Due to the small size of the park and the large population of HK the Park can sometimes get over flooded particularly around the special holiday themes. They do special events at Halloween, Christmas and Chinese New Year. I have heard their Halloween is excellent and is scary. Not recommended for small children as people jump out and grab you but recommended for teens and pre teens or those adults who are young at heart. Chinese New Year is only celebrated at HK Disney Land. They have special parades and theme the characters in traditional Chinese garb. This is only done here at our park so I recommend going to Disney Land at that time as well!

But as with all Disney things they are pretty expensive. I believe a day pass for an adult is about 300HK. You can buy a yearly pass for 1000HK but it will not be valid on weekends and that's the time when most of us can go! You have to make a choice about what the best ticket is for you and how often you're going to use that yearly pass if you purchase one.
Enjoying my mouse shaped food!
There is Mouse Shaped food at the park like all good parks. The Mickey Mouse Ice cream tastes the same even though you change countries but there are special Chinese mouse shaped items like Chinese style puddings in mouse form, dim sum in the shape of Disney characters and mouse shaped Chinese breads. Not one hundred percent authentic but definitely fun and tasty!


  1. haha- Fond memories! :) That cotton candy was mysterious..! Someday, I will explore the mainland-

  2. I hope to be with you on another adventure soon! It has been too long since we have seen each other! I know you hated Beijing but you could come with me and my mommy at Easter!