Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Picture Tells a Thousand Words

I am not a very good photographer at times. Often times things are super blurry or out of focus. I have been known to take off some heads frequently or amputate an arm or foot out of photo. But I enjoy taking pictures because I think they are a wonderful way to preserve and share the memories of the places I've been.
I am going to go through all the places I have recently been and choose one photo to represent that trip and coutry.

Sydney- 2009- Christmas
Christmas with the Family! Adam the perfect barista, makes me a coffee and looks stressed during the process...

Taiwan- 2010- Chinese New Year
A temple at Tainan, the oldest and most religious city in Taiwan.

Seoul, Korea- 2010- Easter
The changing of the royal guard at the palace in Seoul. Love the bling, bling!

Belgium- 2010- Christmas
Bruges, Belgium at night time... It looks like a Christmas movie!

Luxembourg- 2010- Christmas
Little squares in Luxembourg on Christmas Morning... Peaceful and Beautiful...

France- 2010- Christmas
Lille, France.

Paris, France- 2010, Christmas
Frozen Ice on the Gargoyles of Notre Dame in Paris. So beautiful and cold!!!

Taiwan- 2011- Chinese New Year
The rock beaches in Jalishue, Taiwan. I felt like I was in an episode of LOST.

Hong Kong, 2008-2011, Home
The Wisdom Trail in Lantau, Hong Kong. People forget that there is nature in HK. You just have to look hard to find it!

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