Thursday, February 10, 2011

Top 5 Brunches in Hong Kong

I am huge fan of brunch! You all know about my obsession with eggs benedict but the thing about brunch is that it's the perfect meal. It's the perfect mix of sweet and salty and often comes with unlimited coffee. Sure, you can get booze but that's not really my thing I'm there for the food! I try to give a variety with this list from those who give unlimited brunch (like Top Deck in Aberdeen) to those who will give you a little something different in your Sunday Brunch.

1) Brunch Club, Soho
Peel St. 
Brunch Club gets huge bonuses for serving a delicious brunch all day, 7 days a week. They make great food although it takes time because they are only working with 2 stove tops and one oven. If you go on a day that is busy expect to wait a decent while but don't worry! Brunch Club has taken care of you with free wifi and unlimited magazines and we're not talking crappy ones. You can grab the past 6 months worth of crappy, hollywood, gossip magazines to flip through while you wait or perhaps you want Vogue or Vanity Fair. Brunch Club even has certain foreign magazines like French Vogue or Japanese magazines for our fellow expats who prefer not to read in English.
Recommended Dishes: Eggs Benedict, Pancakes, Croque Fromage
Skip: The extra charge for the cappucino. The regular coffee is great

2) Top Deck, Aberdeen
Jumbo Boat, Aberdeen Harbor
Top Deck is located at the the Jumbo boat in Aberdeen. Top Deck does an unlimited brunch with unlimited coffee/booze for 300 on saturdays and sundays. The best thing about Top Deck though is the fact you eat outside in the harbour. Being from the states, I really miss alfresco dining but we really don't have the space for it in HK. Top Deck is close enough for a quick cab from Wanchai or you can take the bus from central for only 5 dollars. Aberdeen is also the location of Ocean Park so why not make a day of it: eat a lot of really good food and coffee at Top Deck and then run over to Ocean Park for the afternoon?
Recommended Dishes: Duck Pancakes, Unlimited Oyster Bar, Eggs Florentine
Skip: The desert table: not so good.

3) Yorkshire Pudding, SOHO
Elgin St.
Located at the top of the escalator, Yorkshire Pudding is a traditional British pub with an amazing brunch. The salmon and chorizo is AMAZING! I have never had anything so good before as this dish. I have heard that the traditional British breakfast is also good but I wouldn't really know. Every time I have gone to the restaurant it's for the chorizo dish. Truly one of the best brunch dishes in HK and only found at Yorkshire Pudding.
Recommended: The Salmon and Chorizo, The coffee
Skip: The Waffles. I've heard they are not good.

4)Cru, SOHO
Elgin St.
Cru is an Australian restertaunt and serves up a big western style Brunch with delicous food. They have a good benedict, EXCELLENT steak and eggs and wonderful omlettes. The have an unlimited champagne and coffee offer which makes this resteraunt an excellent idea for those who want a lazy sunday morning with white table cloths. This is a good place to take parents and dates for Sunday brunch as it is smaller and more intimate but I would not recommend it to large crowds as the resteraunt only has about 10 tables. Best reached by walking either up or down Peel St. as the sign is hard to find from the other direction.
Recommended: Eggs Benedict, Steak and Eggs
Skip: The light options and the smoothies (They are rather tasteless)

5) Life Bread Cafe, SOHO
For those who need a decent bagel for something to qualify as brunch. They make their own breads, bagels, scones and cakes daily and their sunday brunch is very relaxing. They have good coffee and their brunch offerings are more light then other resteraunts who want to pile on the food at lunch. They are located right by the escalator and they're an open air resteraunt which is rare in HK. The other food is good but people really come here for the bagels and breakfast sandwhiches on Sunday. Not for customers who are giving up carbs.
Recommended: The bagels, the fresh scones
Skip: Anything bread free (What's the point?)

Flying Pan
I prefer the Wanchai branch to the Central location for my Sunday brunch as it seems bigger. But Sunday and Saturday brunch is normally a crowded hot mess at the Flying Pan. However, they get a special nod for being able to serve brunch every day of the week. Recommended for those who start work late during the week and feel the need for waffles (warning the portion is huge!)as they are a good value for the money, have excellent food, a large variety (including veggie options) and have bottomless coffee.
However, they recently changed the grits and they are more like polenta now. You have been warned Southern Americans!
Recommended: Eggs Florentine, Omlettes
Skip: The pancakes, The grits which are yellow which makes them technically polenta.

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