Monday, May 16, 2011

5 Things I Miss- The update

My first post about the things I missed about America was written about three years ago and posted here from my old blog. I've realized over the past three years the things I miss has evolved in some respects. (Others, no... Give me my free refill!) Here is the updated Things I Miss from America list.

1. Sour Candy - IE: Sweet Tarts, Nerds, Sour Patch Kids.
Sour Candy in Hong Kong is weak! It's always leaning on the sweet side and doesn't give enough punch! Sour is a relatively new flavor profile for them as traditional candy here is either sweet or chocolate. You can get sours from Japan or Korea but they also are too sweet for my liking. Sour is a major candy market in the states. I have gotten for easter every year from my mother for as long as I can remember Sweet Tarts in the shapes of rabbits. When my mother came to visit me this year this is what she brought me... YUMMY!
I can feel the cavities brought on by these babies!
2. Good Coffee with flavored creamer
Coffee in HK sucks! Still! They still mostly cater to the espresso drinking/starbucks crowd and I just want good coffee for my Mr. Coffee in the morning. Everything in HK is super strong with a lack of mild and medium roasts. They completely neglect the flavored market as well. My favorite coffee from the states is the Folger's Gourmet in the Caramel Flavor. The caramel counteracts the bitterness in the coffee and gives it a beautiful flavor on it's own. Add in some vanilla creamer (Which has been out of stock in HK for almost 3 months!!!! GRRR!) and you have the perfect cup of coffee in the morning.
My mother sends this to me in my care packages! It's as good if not better than fancy Starbucks coffee
3. Free Refills
The Biggie Gulp, the Mega Gulp. America: Home of the 64 ounce beverage with unlimited refills. I want to go to the first fast food place in America I can find and load up.

4. Zaxby's
A southern style chicken restaurant from Georgia with the most amazing chicken strips and dipping sauce in the world! Couple that with unlimited lemonade and paprika fries and I'm in heaven. I almost listed the famous southern place, Chick-fila but since their recent political affiliations (donations for organizations against Planned Parenthood and Gay Marriage) I can no longer eat there when I go home.
You must try the original strip meal with sauce at this eatery!
5. Biscuits and Gravy
Do not eat the biscuits and gravy at The Flying Pan. It's a travesty. You can buy canned biscuits at City Super for a pretty penny or make some from your pancake mix at home. I find that the humidity in HK seriously affects them and makes your biscuits really heavy and far too scone like in texture. White gravy you can make at home but the lack of decent style southern sausage makes it difficult. You can buy a single roll for about 50 HK or roughly 7dollars US.
Just looking at this picture I get hungry!

Runner Up: The famous Burger place, THE VORTEX located in Little Five Points Atlanta. The best burger you will ever eat at the most awesome place to eat in Atlanta. I travel an hour to get a burger from here.
Burgers! Fried Pickles!


  1. I have, such a bad cravings for Biscuits and Gravy time to time and I don't even know how that taste like but I know I'll love it. And I blame you for that. !!
    I just had a Chai tea with vanilla blend, from US. I really do want to have this quality tea and coffee every day.

  2. How can you crave something if you've never had it?