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Mommy in Macau- prt. 2

We will now diverge into our eating, relaxing and museum portion of the blog. My mom and I went to Macau for a ladies of luxury weekend over Easter where we stayed in a very nice room, ate lots of food and lounged in an amazing bathtub. Let's breakdown the Hotel more for you. I have already talked about the great price and the great staff but let's talk about the room and the food! After all that's the most important parts!
There is gold leaf on my lollipop and I am going to eat it! I feel so filthy rich!

Our Room at the Grand Hyatt Macau
The best part about this room was the bathtub. I know it might be a girl thing but there is nothing better than a giant tub when you're on vacation. You've walked a whole bunch, your feet hurt and you feel the need to relax so you hop in the giant tub with the water all the way up the top and just RELAX... Ah...
There is a seperate toilet from the tub area which is very handy when you have a mommy with you who pees every 5 minutes it seems or if you're there with a boy and it seems to me like boys take FOREVER in the toilet sometimes! Just poo and get a move on! But with the separated toilet room (With a telephone in it so if you need to poo and order room service at the same time...) there is no need to fight over the bathroom. We had two separate sinks, so I could make mine messy while my mom kept hers nice and clean!
Our Giant Tub!
And there was also a rain forest shower head. It looked divine! We also got robes to snuggle in while we were there, a sofa, a big TV, a huge closet (which would have been more useful if we were staying more than one night) and a super comfy bed. (However, I know there aren't top sheets very often in Asia but I like them! And I wanted one! The bed was comfy but sometimes you get hot under that comforter and you want a sheet!)

The Food
We ate a small tea house in Senado Square before coming to hotel. We had planned on having breakfast in Macau but were treated to a small breakfast on the boat ride over and then snacked on some Dairy Queen at the Ruins. We don't have Dairy Queen in HK, so it was a treat for me! (Although, no cookie dough blizzard... Bring it over, NOW!) We ate the Mezza9 restaurant for both dinner and breakfast. We had not originally planned on this. But we were really tired that night and didn't want to go far for food and the breakfast was included with our room. And who am I to turn down free food? Both meals were Excellent and very different. You had your options of Portuguese, Macaunese, Cantonese or Western style food in a buffet with an unlimited wine/coffee bar. We ate for a solid 3 hours that night and it was totally worth it!

My mother ate the things that she could eat on her diet and had a couple of local treats. She surprisingly did not like the dim sum and therefore I had an impossible time trying to convince her later in the trip to try a traditional dim sum lunch. She had it once and didn't like it so she'll never have it again. She really loved the local food of Macau though on the trip. We had a beautiful herb roasted grouper and a Portuguese chicken dish and both were super yummy! My mother was super happy though because there was a bread and cheese bar and my mom loves her bread and cheese. It's her one weakness on her diet. I think this buffet was a good choice for us: one because we were super tired and two because it allowed people on different diets to enjoy what they want to eat. We might have had a harder time at a traditional restaurant fitting in all her dietary requirements. The breakfast bar was also yummy: it had chinese and western breakfast options. I induldged in things that are out of my budget at home and things that I can't make on my own. I had waffles with lemon cream. DELISH! I need to get a waffle iron if I stay in HK another year.

Sun Yat Sen's House and the Museums
These are two museums that are a little off the beaten path in Macau. We first went to the Sun Yat Sen House. I knew who he was from my many visits to Taiwan. This was his house in Macau where he lived when he was older and where his wife and children lived. His wife even died in one of the rooms which made the house a little creepy, I'm not going to lie. It was a beautiful house with a beautiful western style balcony but a lot of chinese features on the inside of the house. You can visit the house for free which is also a BIG bonus! This day we were in Macau it rained a lot so we chose to do indoor activities!
On Sun Yat Sen's balcony!
The Tea and Culture Museum has everything from the culture of drinking and creating tea to the art of making tea china in Macau. It explains the different styles of cups and pots and what they mean and what tea is to be served in what style of tea. A very informative museum and a good place for mommies who love tea ceremonies. You learn about "yum cha" and the act of having tea with dim sum in HK and Macau and you learn about the tea trade during the Colonial Period. Warning, they have a super zealous security staff that will stalk you when you come in. We felt like little kids. Also, they have these strange displays that are not at the proper height that show you the different kinds of tea leaves. I picked one up because to look in one I would have had to lay down on the floor, practically. And then I got yelled at. Don't put out visual aids if you don't want people to touch them!
Tea Museum
The Macau Museum is located right next to the Ruins of St. Paulo. This is probably the best museum in Macau and is the best located. Go see this one if you only want to see one museum or if you only have time for one. It has many benches inside for relaxing (great for tired tourists) and covers the east/west combo culture of Macau. There are free lockers for your stuff with price of admission, 8MOP for an adult 6MOP for a senior. (Less than one US dollar!) We dropped off our stuff and spent a while in the museum studying the two religions of Macau, the two styles of architecture, the two styles of food, the history and the two styles of traditions in Macau. A very nice museum: far superior to the History Museum of HK. (Also cheaper...)
Did I mention that Mommy also did a hella lotta shopping?
High Tea at the Grand Hyatt
We had about and hour and half before the show was going to begin and we were tired and bit hungry. So we headed back to the Grand Hyatt. I was in search of Tylenol for my hip. I had taken a spill earlier in the day and my hip was acting up and Mommy wanted some of the famous Macau Peanut Candy in the brown bag.
Our high tea platter
We then went to the Grand Hyatt lobby at Patisserie for their High Tea Service. It was cheaper than the high tea at the Peninsula and very nice so if you want the high tea experience but don't have the bucks for the Peninsula it's a nice option for you. They had traditional chinese musicians playing and we had a 4 tiered high tea platter which included traditional English fair such as scones and finger sandwiches and it also had some non traditional items such as fresh egg tarts (only eat them fresh!) and chocolate and strawberries. The chocolates looked like little fishies! SOOO CUTE! It's a beautiful place to relax before the show and the food and coffee are lovely!
Delish Egg Tarts!

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