Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Around the World in 80 Days- The Challenge

So, my friend Matty just offhandedly said one day, "The boy and I are thinking of trying to eat all the different kinds of food in HK." I of course, cannot just hear something like this without thinking of how I can turn it into a challenge/game for myself and my friends to compete in.
So, I told Matty "I have an awesome idea. Let's try to eat all the food in HK in 80 days and go around the world cuisine wise in 80 days." We can do it as a team and try to hit as many as possible in twice the amount of time as baby Jesus spent in the desert.
So here are the kinds of cuisine we're going to hit.
The last 10 we had to get really creative on because we ran out of countries! Let us know if we have missed a major one or know of secret spot we should check out!
We are working in a team, we don't have to eat together for every meal. Rules to come later with posting about first meal!

1. Cantonese- Hong Kong
2. Szechuan- China
3. Vietnamese- Vietnam
4. Korean- Korea
5. Japanese- Japan (not sushi)
6. French- France
7. Italian- Italy (Not pizza)
8. German- Germany
9. Belgian- Belgium
10. Spanish- Spain
11. Ukrainian- Ukraine
12. Russian- Russia
13. Australian- Australia
14. Mexican- Mexico
15. Canadian- Canada (Something besides Poutine or Canadian Bacon)
16. Taiwanese- Taiwan
17. American Regional- USA (not burger and fries)
18. Greek- Greece
19. Middle Eastern- Specific country unknown at this time
20. Egyptian- Egypt
21. Mongolian-China
22. Swiss- Switzerland
23. Vegan
24. Vegetarian
25. Indian- India
26.West African
27. Thai- Thailand
28. Argentinian- Argentina
29. Macaunese- Macau
30. Scottish- Scotland
31.Irish- Ireland
32. British Pub- UK
33. Filipino- The Philippines
34. Turkish- Turkey
35. Danish- Denmark
36. Moroccan- Morocco
37.Malaysian- Malaysia
38. Singaporean- Singapore
39.Burmese- Burma
40.Nepalese- Nepal
41. Swedish- Sweden
42. Lebanese- Lebanon
43. Cuban- Cuba
44. Austrian- Austria
45. Indonesian- Indonesia
46. 100% Kosher meal- Our friends in Israel and other places
47. Basque- An in-between spot between Spain and France
48.Hunan- China
49.Dumplings- China
50. Dim Sum- Hong Kong
51. Chocolate Meal
52. Truffle Meal
53. Beach side, sea food meal
54. Peruvian- Peru
55. Portuguese- Portugal
56.Balinese- Bali
57.Steak House
58. Asian Fusion
59. Pizza- Italy
60. Burger and Fries- USA
61. Brunch- ?
62. Fish and Chips-UK
63. South African
64. Shanghainese- China
65. Peking - China
66. Bar Food- ?
67. Hand pulled Noodles- Asia in general
68. Dai Pai Dong- Hong Kong
69. Sushi- Japan
70.Non PC Meal- All the things you are not supposed to eat! SH....
71.Diner/Deli- USA
72. Organic/Free Range Meal- (The Earth)
73. Cafe/Bistro- France/ USA? Who the hell knows...
74. Gluten Free for the Celiacs in HK
75.Claypot/Hot Pot- China
76. Traditional Chinese Deserts- China and Hong Kong
77. Meal under 30 dollars (not fast food)
78. Street Food- Hong Kong
79. Cupcakes- USA
80. Home made meal- LAST SUPPER

An after meal supply of antacid...


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