Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Inevitable Venue Shuffle

The plight of the theatrical artist in HK always seems to revolve around one thing. VENUE. Where do you perform? What weeks are free at the Fringe club so you don't have to pay out the ass at the Arts Centre? Fighting the 3 month deadline at most government theatres and then getting your paperwork back denied AFTER you've already cast the damn play.

I think the one major problem with HK's art scene is the lack of accessible cheap venues for theatre performers. It makes it nearly impossible for an artist to make a living in this town. My frustration with this problem came to a head recently when I was working on the Vday charity event. COMING SOON! (Where, I can't really tell you...) We are running in conjunction with #SMWHK and Hk_arts to put on this event. So please come out and support us.

I was second in command for the annual Vday charity performance of Eve Ensler's "The Vagina Monologues". It's a great thing to work on because 100% of the money raised goes to the Harmony House a local domestic abuse shelter located in TST. I like when theatre has a message and mission to help others. It makes the work a lot more fufilling then just doing a regular for-profit show. So, I was second in command and was basically going to Stage Manage the performance. The lady in charge had heard about my hard work on the charity performances for "What a Pair" and wanted to work with me. So, I contact her because it's a week before the show and I haven't heard anything. Turns out, she's too busy to do the performance and she wanted me to take over... Um, can anyone say LAST MINUTE?!!

I ask her about her venue booking, actors arranged, script stuff and she says that basically NOTHING has been done. I have to book everything in a week. So, thankfully for me the women in HK are AMAZING! Especially, Sarah Lemcke of the Vixens who graciously agreed to join the performance. And I am currently still looking for a few more brave souls if you know of anyone who is interested in doing a staged reading of TVM.

I have a contact the Leisure Center and she wanted to help me out by getting me an open air amphitheater. Sounds great! I'm all down for it! In 24 hours I had a soft booking and I was ready to go. Then, the ker-fluffle started. They needed to see the script because they weren't sure whether the content was appropriate. WTF? I admit there are some curse words in Ensler's play but I doubt 5 year old children are going to be traipsing through LKF at 8pm on Valentines Day.

So I'm waiting to hear back from this boss guy and frankly, it isn't looking good. Who knew Vagina was an inappropriate word for a government associated event? Has anyone told the politicians in America?

So, now I am back to the shuffle because I'm not sure I can find another space by next Tuesday. I have contacted bars, and lounges and I'm praying and hoping that someone will take pity on us and take us in. Any suggestions on last minute locations will be deeply appreciated. We are only taking donations but most theatre people are boozers so I can promise the bartenders will be busy. Most performers will also need a little liquid courage in order to perform these pieces. I KNOW I WILL! *gulp*

100% of the money raised from the event on Tuesday will go to benefit the Harmony House which is great organization. I may have taken over this event last minute but I WILL NOT let it go down on my watch. Too many people are counting on me!
Will keep you updated on the venue change for Vday.
Keep sending me good vibes. Both me and my Vagina are going to need them!

FEB 14th, 8pm
VENUE: Looking for a new home

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