Wednesday, February 29, 2012

HK Arts Award Nomination Form

HK_Arts Nomination Form

You may nominate 5 shows or persons in each category. Do not put your name on the form. Email the form back to for privacy. Or PM to the Hk_Arts Facebook account.

Nomination Period: June 2011- May 2012
Nomination Form Due back: May 20th.
Nominations announced END OF MAY!
(Professional Local Companies may be included; tours with international actors are not permitted. This is an award show to promote local artists!)

Nominations to be announced at the end of May. (You can nominate a show that performs in May as nomination sheets are due by May 20th.)
Award show in late June, Venue and date TBA.

1.     Best Show (Non Musical)
2.     Best Show (Musical)
3.     Best Actor (please include show name)
4.     Best Actress (please include show name)
5.     Best Director (please include show name)
6.     Best Designer (please include show name and type of design)
7.     Best New Comer (MUST BE NEW TO THE SCENE! June 2011-May 2012)
8.     Best Producer/Best Company
9.     Best Stage Manager (please include show name)
10.  Best Supporting Actor (please include show name)
11.  Best Supporting Actress (please include show name)
12.  Best Bit Role (Must be 10 minutes or less of stage time)
13.  Best Charity Production (Where 50% or more of proceeds was given to charity. Please include Show name and charity.)
14.  Best Cantonese Production
15.  Best Theatre for Youth Production
16. Best Original Work (Must be newly produced, can be musical or non.)
17. Best Dance Show
18. Best re-occurring audience member
19. Best Local Band
20. Best Local Visual Artist

*Cantonese Performers may be included in the Actor category

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