Friday, August 10, 2012

Dear Theatre Artists of Hong Kong...

As many of you know I recently took on a position as the editor of an online magazine dedicated to promoting Hong Kong's theatre and performing scene.
Part of this job is gauging what are your needs as a community from an online resource that will assist you by promoting you theatre shows via the internet and social media channels.

Filling it out is important because we are tailoring the website to your answers in the survey.
Your needs are important to us!

For Theatre Professionals

General Use Survey (For those who love the arts but don't produce it.)

I really appreciate it.
Please answer both! They have completely different questions on them! will be live Sept. 1! Please send all your press releases to for any shows that are being produced in the fall.
It's our pleasure to the get the word out on the great art you are producing in our wonderful city!

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