Friday, August 29, 2014

Citrus Sweets Cupcakes- A Sweet Birthday Surprise!

As all my regular readers know, I love cupcakes. I've written several articles a few years ago about what I thought were the Top 5 Cupcakes in Hong Kong and my various experiences with the cupcake craze. (Some people say it may have died and passed onto the macaroon, but as a person with an almond allergy I say, "Long Live the Cupcake Trend!")

They even added a cute birthday message!

A couple weeks ago, I was on twitter when I got a very sweet tweet from Citrus Sweets Cupcakes in TST. They had read a couple of my reviews and wanted to know if I was interested in trying theirs out. I said, "Sure thing!" because I love cupcakes and it was my birthday that week. Totally, meant to be... *Let the music play*

Citrus Sweets is not a shop with a store front. You can't just walk in and pop in for a random sweet treat. Ordering from this company takes planning. You can access all the information about their cupcakes at their website.

Citrus Sweets Cupcake Menu

Something, I think that could be improved about this company is their website layout, in regards to pricing. They have pages with the menus right at the top of the page but the prices are no where to be found on the pages with the menu or the order form. It took me a solid 15 minutes to find the prices for the cakes, which are more than reasonable, but I think the average customer isn't going to have the patience to go searching about their site. They have really cute graphic images for their cupcake and cake menus. It would be great if they put a little price sticker on them- so the customer is always informed of the price.

Cupcakes at Citrus Sweets range from 15-30HKD per cupcake, based on the number you order. The minimum order is 6 cupcakes for regular size and 12 for the minis. I was given 6 regular size for my birthday treat and I picked them up easily at the TST MTR station. They are great for customers with dietary restrictions. They even have a vegan option! (Shout out to my favorite vegan goddesses in HK, Angie and Suzette.)

Little sprinkles on every cake!

Onto the actual taste of the cupcakes; they're pretty fantastic. Not too sweet and I appreciated the cream cheese in their icing. I hate it when people try to put buttercream on a Red Velvet. I'm from the deep South, so trust me... if I say this Red Velvet is good, it's good.

The cake is light and doesn't crumble when you eat it. Icing to cake ratio is well-balanced and if you're like me and eat your cupcakes Tina Fey style- you'll find that Citrus Sweets cupcakes are the perfect size for a "cupcake sandwich!"

This is a cupcake sandwich. My preferred way of cupcake eating. 

Citrus Sweets is a great little local brand. I'm a firm believer in supporting local companies, as often as we can, as artists. These girls are trying to make their dream come true by running a little shop online and I think they're doing a pretty fine job of it. I wish them all the success in their business.

What's your favorite cupcake in town?

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