Saturday, March 3, 2012

Review- Menstruation Twitters- Jockey Club

No audience quotes as I was the only English speaker in the audience! 
(Enjoy the super creepy Disney Short about our bodies and ourselves!)
Menstruation Twitters
HK Jockey Club Creative Arts Center
30 Pak Tin St. Shek Kip Mei
Tickets through URBTIX
March 1st- 4th, 8pm and 3pm on Sunday, 100HKD

Boy... That was an awkward experience. Good, but a little bit awkward.
Menstruation Twitters presented by the Hong Kong Jockey Club Creative Arts Center is kind of like the Cantonese Vagina Monologues but with a lot of multimedia projections, it's shortened to 140 characters and it's just about your period. (Which is something we just LOVE to see shows about!)
So...I don't recommend you eat before hand because the images in the production are graphic.
Tickets are still available and it plays through Sunday at 3pm. Tickets are 100HKD each, which is a total bargain in this town!

I think it was more awkward for me then others in the audience because the production was in Cantonese and I didn't understand the jokes. I just saw the images of women's tampons and other things we will not speak of...
I think it's an extremely creative to pair a theatrical show about twitter and our lady bits. I think that the women involved in the show took some really beautiful images and film of a subject that is NOT beautiful in any way.

I like they had stories from different generations of Chinese women. A lady from the production was nice enough to come up to me afterward and talk about the conception of the piece. She said they wanted to make something that talked about the female problems in HK that every woman has but is scared to talk about. (Apparently, talking about your cramps and bloating is frowned upon or something!)

New material should be rewarded and this is definitely a new kind of show. I liked the integration of multimedia, projection, art, poetic speaking and theatre together. Who knew you could do haikus about your period??! I didn't understand most of it but I thought the art was well put together and I like the modern integration of Twitter into the project. I like a theatre piece I can take home with me and continue.

Thanks to the ladies of HerStory productions for inviting me to the show even though I don't speak Cantonese. I enjoyed it. I would have loved some sur-titles but I'll live without them!
If you speak Cantonese and are a woman, I recommend it. It's brave, sassy and the Chinese women in the audience had a really good laugh at most of it! Great sound design as well!

(Graphic/Shock imagery, lack of surtitles but overall a good show. Shek Kip Mei is always a bit of treck and I always struggle to find this theatre!!!)


  1. I'm from Hong Kong and saw this show. It was very weird. I don't know if I like or not.