Thursday, April 26, 2012

I Love Bad Movies

I love a good bad movie! I wait with baited breath every year to see what is nominated for a Razzie award and then I watch them with abandon. My favorite movie of all time will forever be Showgirls! I love good theatre but I adore a good bad movie... I think a crappy movie that makes you laugh is the perfect escape from an artistic existence. When you spend 90% of your days working on theatre and trying to create good theatre it's just fun to come home and watch Mommie Dearest!

Movies that are camp and unapologetic about how bad they are, are great because they make you laugh and you don't have to think. Movies that are supposed to be "great" films according to their creators and are HORRIBLE in a good way are even better ala Troll 2 or Showgirls. I love to watch the trailers for films that are horrible but people thought were going to be great like the recent bomb John Carter or Norbit. (That movie really sunk Eddie Murphy's chance at a Oscar didn't it?)

Why am I write about my love of bad films?
Just yesterday at the opening night of HK players Yellow Face I was introduced to Ivy Lam who is going to help bring Bad Movies to their place of glory in Hong Kong.

She's helping run a screening of Troll 2 and the documentary and the Best Worst Movie Documentary at the HK Arts Center in Wanchai on May 5th! I think we should totally go support her for this effort because we artists are often too serious about our craft and could use a dose of "Good Bad" Cinema to lighten our moods! Get your "Troll On" with me and many others on May 5th! Press Release Below and You can find the more info at the facebook group:!/events/293575404052033/

What's your favorite "good bad" movie?

The Worst Movie Ever Made finally comes to Hong Kong screens!

TROLL 2 is one of an elite group to score 0% Fresh on film rating aggregator Rotten Tomatoes and truly has to be seen to be believed.

Indescribably shoddy and hilariously amateur, the film developed an under
...ground cult following that eventually exploded into a full-blown global fandom of its own.

In the wake of that phenomenon, T2’s child star Michael Stephenson chronicled the film’s baffling, amusing and occasionally tragic trajectory in the documentary BEST WORST MOVIE.

For One Night Only! We will be screening TROLL 2 and BEST WORST MOVIE back to back for the first time in Hong Kong.

Come and get your geek on!

You can't piss on hospitality!


To get YOUR tickets, drop an email to (with the subject heading: I want to get my TROLL on). Reserve as many as you would like, and I will email you back with a confirmation and other details.

Please pick up your tickets at the following times and place (aka the 48 Hour Film Project Meet Ups!):

Thursday, April 19, 7-9PM
Thursday, April 26, 9-11PM
Thursday, May 3, 7-9PM

12/F Allways Centre
468 Jaffe Road
Causeway Bay

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