Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Ruthless Machine

I am a ruthless promotional machine. I will go to all ends of the earth to make sure you come see my next show! I don't care if you are completely sick of hearing me talk about my work. I want you to be so annoyed by my talking that you give in and finally buy a ticket. WHY? Because I live and breathe for my work... I care so passionately for my work that I believe that I can enrich your lives by having you see my next production.

Yes, it's silly and a little sad, I'll completely admit it. My mother was an excellent nag. She would nag me to clean my room, to do my homework, to not fight with my sisters, to turn the tv off etc. etc. etc. If there is anything she taught me well by example: it is "to nag". You can thank her for that because I'm now able to nag people via the internet, facebook, twitter, pinterest, linkedon, etc: about how fabulous my next production is and why they should go see it!
My next show! GO SEE IT!

I think that the art community can help each other promote. We can "like" each other's posters on facebook, we can "share" the events, we can retweet links to ticket purchase pages. I have no shame in promoting the hell out of my next project. I will sell it like a cheap whore on the street if it means getting new audience members butts in the chairs. But so you know if you scratch my back on a show I will scratch yours!

I just started working as a producer and I have to say I'm enjoying the business side of theatre more than I thought I would. I have never really been a money person but I am enjoying working with sponsors on product integration and sending out press releases to fellow bloggers. I'm enjoying the community outreach side of theatre. It's nice to talk to fellow members of the HK audience and find out their techniques, their tips of the trade.

Budgeting and making sure you make a profit is one of the most frustrating things about a production. You want to make sure you make enough to pay your actors something for your time but you want to make sure you put on something that "looks" worth the ticket price. I'm sure all the producers in town feel the same way I do when designing a production. We can only "Grotowski" a set so many times before people are going to start noticing. Thankfully with this current production the set isn't really necessary and we found a lovely costume sponsor to help us with our costume costs! (Because dressing 15 ladies AINT cheap!)

So, the finish this article:
COME SEE MY NEXT SHOW *Shameless Plug*
I produced it, wrote it and I'm acting in it!
(Which is a rarity as most artists in the community will tell you)

It's a cabaret called Snow and the Deadly Seven and it's a delightfully blue retelling of Snow White where she learns that being bad can be
It's being produced by Vixens Burlesque, Hong Kong's first and most famous Burlesque Troupe thanks to a venue sponsor, 
I have to say our sponsor gave us one of the best promotional items I have ever seen! We have gotten quite a bit of buzz off it. If you have seen it you know what I am talking about!

It's a show with singing, dancing and penis jokes. It has something for everyone!
(Except for the children.)
May 17th and 18th, 8pm
Backstage Live, LKF
52-54 Wellington St.
250HKD with a drink included
Tickets can be reserved at
or at our sponsor Passionately Yours


Question: How do you sell your work? Do you find yourself getting repeat audience? How is the best way to expand an audience in HK?

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  1. I like you're honest about your nagging. I will be there opening night!