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List of All Shows for Awards Form (Updated)

This is a updated working, complete listing of EVERY local theatre/dance/musical/cabaret production in Hong Kong from June 2011- May 2012. Tours are not listed here because our awards are for local artists and companies. 
Nominations will start being accepted May 1st!
*A color coding system has been added. 

blue- cantonese non musical
red- charity
black- english non musical   
green- musical
orange- dance/physical theatre   

June 2011
A Hollow Room- Hong Kong Rep
Boundless Movement- Hong Kong Rep
We Won't Pay! We Won't Pay!- Italian Chamber of Commerce
Bang! Bang!- Not So Loud Productions
Luxuria- Drop- Don't tell Mama Productions

July 2011
Annie- DEER Theatre
Ancient Secrets of Light- All Theatre Art Association
Dance Me To the End of Love- Theatre du Pif
The French Kiss- Theatre Horizon
Shakespeare's Will. Twice as Good Productions July 2011

August 2011
Swan Lake- Hong Kong Ballet
Crickets in my Life( Cantonese)- Rerun Run Shows
Sleeping Beauty- Golden Voice Entertainment
La Fille Ma Gardee- Jean M. Wong Ballet Company

September 2011
Coppelia- Hong Kong Ballet
Reverie on an Empire- Hong Kong Rep
Sneasons of Liz- Liz Merendino
Totally Sondheim- Side by Side/by Side Productions

October 2011
El Puente- Stylus Theatre
Coffee and Cigarettes- Aurora Theatre
I love you, you're perfect, now change!- Hong Kong Singers
Shed Skin- Hong Kong Rep
A Month in the Country- APA
100 Saints You Should Know- Twice as Good Productions
Measure for Measure- Perilous Mouths
13, The Musical- Theatre Noir
Tweet, A Musical about a Polar Bear- DEER Theatre
Caged- Tri Theatre/ Not So Loud Productions
Forget Herostratus- Not So Loud Productions
Moments in Time- Hong Kong Ballet
Sun Yat Sen- The Opera- Opera Hong Kong 

November 2011
Spring Awakening- Hong Kong Youth Arts Foundation
Address Unknown- Hong Kong Microfest
Midsummer Night's Dream- Theatron/Stylus Theatre
Iron- Sweet and Sour Productions
Death and the Maiden- HK Rep
Six Characters in Search of an Author- APA
What a Rack- ACT Hong Kong
La Pere Noel est Une Ordure- Hong Kong Theatre Association *French*
Dance of Two Swallows- HK Dance Company
The Goodbye Girl- Whole Theatre
The HeyDeys- HK Rep
Caught in the Net- Hong Kong Federation of Drama Societies
Songs After Midnight- Trinity Theatre
Pulsate- NeoDance HK
Iron- We Draman Group
Love is Shit- W Theatre
17 Unlikely Scenarios to Happen in 2012- Cattle Yard Depot Group
And Baby Makes Seven- Loft Stage

December 2011
The Isle- Theatre du Pif
Scrooge- Hong Kong Rep
Innocence- APA
Nocturne- Twice as Good Productions
Robin Hood, The Panto- Hong Kong Players
Beating the Classroom- Tang Shui Wing Theatre Company

January 2012
Viva La Cantonese Opera- West Kowloon Bamboo Theatre
 8F Experimental Dance Platform- HK Dance Company
Chopin Vs. Ca II- HK Dance Company
Chopsticks, the Musical- Perry Chiu Experimental Theatre
Titus Andronic- Tang Shui Wing Theatre Company

February 2012
With Love, William Shakespeare- Theatre Noir
Games are afooter- People's Liberation Improv
The Moth- Take Out Comedy
VDay- Vagina Monologues- HK Arts
Hi Education-FM Theatre
Private Lives- Stylus Theatre
Fool la la- All Theatre Arts Association
Yam Sing and Butterfly- Hong Kong Literary Festival
Searching for Da Vinci- Lee Shau Kee Performing Arts Academy\
Let's Rock- Spring Time Experimental Theatre
Museum in Motion- Sam Uk Productions

March 2012
父親,可恨的父親- Outsider Productions
Diving in the Moment- Hong Kong Rep
The Book- APA 
港大劇社大專戲劇節匯演2012 – 親陌- HKU Drama Society
 Chinese Orphan- Opera Hong Kong
One World- World Family
Jackie and Jackie 2- Drama Gallery
Lady la Tiger, Queen of the Bitches- Pip Theatre
Rabbit Hole (Cantonese)- Hong Kong Rep
Seven Sages of the Bamboo Grove- HK Dance Company
Turandot- Hong Kong Ballet
Journey to the Wild Wild West- Dance Company Outreach
Circus Spectacular- Lazi
Showcase- ODD
Emma- Page to Stage
Pride and Prejudice- Panther Productions
Aladdin- Chunky Onion
Awfully Egyptian- ABA productions
How to Be a Star- Drama Group 
Take Love- University of Hong Kong
Desert the Dangling Cat- HK Rep
Menstruation Twitters- Herstory's Production (Multimedia Performance)
Tearless Honour- Hong Kong Theatrical Society 
All in the Timing, A Night of David Ives- Bravo Theatre

April 2012
Opera Showcase- Leisure and Culture Services
The Dining Room- ACT Hong Kong
The Truth About Lying- Original Premiere Production, Hong Kong Arts Festival
Fat Pig- APA
Yellow Face- Hong Kong Players
On Golden Pond- Drama Federation for Societies Group

May 2012
California Suite- Sweet and Sour Productions
Snow and the Deadly Seven- Vixens Burlesque
Carmen- Opera Hong Kong and Le French May
Vincent- Stylus Theatre
Talking With-Aurora Theatre
QingMing Riverside- HK Dance Company

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