Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Awards Ceremony Wednesday!!!!

This awards process has gotten so much larger than I ever thought it would. I always considered it a little dog and pony show that no one really cared about except for the people in the community and their close friends. Now, I see that the community of Hong Kong does really care about the quality of the shows and is extremely knowledgeable about what they like and what they don't like. People who watch theatre are just as smart as the people who make it and we should be honored that they have taken the time to vote for us in the categories we were nominated in. We have over 600 votes in the part one the survey! Can you believe that?!! Sure, it could just be one over enthusiastic person voting at every Pacific Coffee in town but I prefer to think that it's our dedicated audience members and fans who want to see us rewarded for all the hard work we put into our performances.

More times than not, the artists in this town are not paid for the work and I'm hoping that this award will just give them a little pat on the back and a fun night at the bar with the community.

Please invite all your friends that voted to come to THE CANNY MAN, Wednesday June 13th at 8pm for the ceremony! We would love to see people from all walks of the art community in town on Wednesday and I have NO DESIRE to stand up and talk for an hour by myself presenting these things so if you would like to be a presenter please leave a comment here or shoot me a PM. I would love a variety in the presenters, if possible!

You cannot present in the category you are eligible for...

Acceptance Speech wise: Short and sweet please! PS- Nothing about Darfur or Bringing peace to the Middle East. We just want to laugh and have a good time!

1.     Best Show
2.     Best Musical
 3.     Best Actor
4.     Best Actress
 5.     Best Director
 6.     Best Designer
7.     Best New Comer
 8.     Best Producer/Best Company
9.     Best Stage Manager
 10.  Best Supporting Actor
 11.  Best Supporting Actress
 12.  Best Bit Role
 13.  Best Charity Production
14.  Best Cantonese Production
15.  Best Theatre for Youth Production
16. Best Original Work
 17. Best Dance Show
18. Best Re-occurring audience member
19. Best Local Band
20. Best Local Visual Artist

Gentle Reminder: VOTING CLOSES JUNE 10th!


  1. Isn't this technically just a popularity contest unless we can watch videos of all the performances?

    1. Well, at the root of all awards there is a popularity factor. Do people like what you're doing as a performer or not? I have tried my very best to help people be more informed by making the posts about the nominees and providing youtubes or photos of the productions.

      It would be illegal of me to distribute videos of the productions to the general public on the blog as it is illegal to videotape copyrighted material, even live theatre.

  2. I can't wait to go to the bar and support my friends in the art community! I may have not been nominated but I can totally respect someone trying to do this for our community.
    Thanks Meaghan. We locals especially visual artists in town often feel ignored by the bigger publications but you're making a valid effort to make it an open process where anyone can be nominated and anyone can vote. I respect that.

    I'm team LEO tomorrow!

  3. Sorry Meg, I can't come tonight after all. I have to take a client to dinner! I hope the awards go well and people have fun... I enjoyed helping you!