Thursday, March 15, 2012

Our first Vlog! Art Walk 2012

We were blessed to hang out with our friends at Art Walk 2012 and make our first VLOG! This is our favorite charity event of the year because it's great people, great networking possibilities, great food and great art! ( Can you tell I think it's great?)

This year the food seemed not as good as previous years! We were starving at the end of the event and had to hit the Flying Pan! (Oh darn...)

Best Galleries this year were: Wellington Gallery (bring on the risotto balls!), Opera Gallery (Which had Dalis and Warhols on display) and the very cool wire art at Karin Webber Gallery.

Hope you had a chance to hit the event and support the charity, SOCO. This is their largest fund raising event of the year and it's awesome that the art community of HK get to host it!

We just started vlogging. We would love tips on editing and how we can improve!
 I'm a theatre person, I don't do movies...

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