Friday, March 16, 2012

Review- Hip Hop and Beyond

Of course, I am 100% biased on this review. I do not deny this because I am incredibly proud of watching this show. I am the drama director at LKK in Sai Ying Pun and my students invited me to their hip hop dance display at the Soho Escalator to support them. But I thought this exhibition/workshop was really awesome particularly when you considered the student's age. Most of the performers were between the ages of 14-16, all are local students at a school I work with and they can "FUCKING DANCE!" (There is no other way to state this fact...)

I am from Atlanta so hip hop is something that I was exposed to at a young age. At first, I didn't like it. But I got more into the style once I got old enough to appreciate it. Although, their song choices were not necessarily hip hop I thought the students performed them well. I thought the backdrop was incorrect. Hip Hop did not start in the 1990's, it became more popular in the 90's. There were hip hop/ rapping bands even in the 70's/80's but it was a completely different style to what we see now a days.

Most of the performance was demos of both beat boxing, break dancing and hip hop dancing. There was a Cantonese speaking lecture, I did not understand a single word of it! But the demos were something anyone could understand! The language of dance is something amazing. You can communicate to all kinds of different people. There were french, english speaking, chinese speaking and many other nationalities at this expo.

Perhaps the Soho escalator on a Friday night at rush hour was not the best choice. We blocked the entire walkway between the performers and the viewers and you could tell people were getting a little pissed. Maybe a week day would have been better, or an off peak hour so that the traffic wasn't so bad!

This expo is great because it allows the youth of Hong Kong to show themselves off in an emerging style of dance and music, IT'S FREE, and you can learn something!
The exhibition will be up from March 6th-11th and March 13th-20th! Check it out! It's really well done!

Grade: B+ (For blocking the entirety of the walkway and the incorrect fact on the backdrop!)

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