Sunday, March 25, 2012

Review- One World- World Family

I was invited to see a Theatre for Youth production called One World English Carnival. I am a Children's Theatre Director by profession so I can have a good time and see a kids show! The show was presented this weekend at Polytech University at the Jockey Club Auditorium. Tickets were really cheap and each child was presented with a souvenir tambourine! (I didn't get one but I survived...)

Before I get into the review, I would like to apologize for any mis-spellings in the names of the cast during this review. There was no program given out to me so I am unable to double check my spellings! Thanks for your understanding...

The Good
The show was well conceived and well designed. It was super cute and colorful. The children were highly entertained by all the choreography and the characters. I loved the costumes and the scenic design. The kids loved all the music and enjoyed the audience interaction!

The acting was well done by all the cast and the dancing was in sync. Especially good dancing from Meike who was Jamaica. I also thought the Swiss Miss and Brazil were very cute and funny! Special props to the entire cast on the trampoline number! I never could have done a number that difficult but you all did it WELL!

The Average
The script was ok. I wasn't wowed by it but I thought it had a good message. It was a little predictable but entertaining overall. Did anyone else notice that one of the characters was Argentina but there was a Finnish flag on the backdrop? (Big OOPS!)
The kids loved the costumed characters: Pom Pom and Zippy, but it was never explained why they were there!

The Bad
I only have two bad things to say about this show. One, the Ushers were making people sit back down when the actors were encouraging people to dance and jump. The Ushers needed to chill out and relax. No one minded that people were dancing and standing in the aisles except for the Ushers. There is nothing I hate more than a rude Usher at a play.

Two, it was too long. There was no intermission and it was almost two hours long! We all had to pee really badly by the end. Also, there were some spots that could have been trimmed down. Two hours is just too long for a Children's Theatre piece without an intermission!

Great piece for the kids and for adults who can relax and just have fun! Not for grumpy people, pee before hand!

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