Saturday, March 17, 2012

Complete Listing of Drama/English Learning Centers and Companies

We are making a working list of all the learning centers and companies that use theatre as a medium to teach English. We are also inclduing TIE acting troups and companies in this listing. One of the scariest things about moving to HK for the first time is getting that first job. We have heard horror stories from people about bad working conditions, fishy contracts, late payments and unacceptable housing. Companies should be held accountable for their shady practices and the new staff that is coming in should be aware of any companies to avoid. It is our job as the community to give them a fair warning!
Please help me add to the list by leaving companies in the comments to be added. Please send your comments privately to our facebook account or to our email at

All comments about companies will be made anonymously to protect your privacy. Please make the comments about the company and not about the staff. We are not personally attacking anyone by making this information available, we want to just make sure no one gets stuck in a job where they treat their staff badly! *Cantonese and English Comments Welcome!*

Theatre Noir
Chunky Onion
Dramatic English
Page to Stage
Pelcc Learning Center
Talent Theatre
Speak Up
3am Musical Institute
HK Children's Musical Theatre
Golden Voice Entertainment
 Kid's Gallery
HK Kids
Smart Kids Club
Acting Antics

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