Saturday, March 3, 2012

Anonymous Comments

Anonymous Comments have been added to the blog for those of you who wish to share your opinions without being known.
I believe there should be an open dialogue between the theatre artists and the community without fear of having your career/friendships compromised.
Open Conversations about the good, bad and ugly can only make us better as artists.
Please don't be assholes and spam this page or I'll be forced to remove it.

Thanks for your time,


  1. 非常酷的名單!你做的很多藝術團體。謝謝你:)

  2. People who don't list their names are cowards. Don't be a pussy about having an opinion.

    1. I don't necessarily think so. In this business, people are very sensitive and people worry about not getting gigs because they don't like something another artist does. I would hope that producers and companies would judge on talent rather than a personal feelings but we all know this never happens.