Friday, June 1, 2012

Nominees- Best Actress

Best Actress was a difficult category for people to vote for. We have a plethora of extremely talented women in this city. These women are the best of the best. We have all sorts of different actresses nominated from women who played multiple characters to Cantonese Performers to musical performers to serious drama and Shakespeare. You can't really make a wrong choice. Just pick which one makes you happiest. All these women are incredibly talented!

Once again, I don't have photos of all the productions but have done my best to sub in show posters and youtubes where available. 



Sara Bulckaert- The Dining Room
 Sara played many different roles in The Dining Room produced by ACT. She played young and old, feisty and feeble. She has a great physicality and has great versatility as an actor.

Louisa So- Rabbit Hole
Louisa is nominated for her performance in the Cantonese debut of Rabbit Hole. Produced by the HK Rep she took on the arduous task of performing a role that covers the subject of the death of a child. She had to be on an emotional roller coaster during the performance.

Maggie Blue O'Hara- Fool la la!
 Maggie conceived and performed in her original production Fool la la! I personally loved it and thought it was one of the best shows all year! It was completely original with a blending of circus, music, art and rock and roll. I could listen to her sing all day!

Jacqueline Gourlay Grant- Iron 
Jacqueline Gourlay Grant took on what I think was her most challenging role yet with Iron produced by Sweet and Sour Productions. Her character was not necessarily likeable and she had to have a lot of balls to take on a character that was as tragically flawed as she was. Due to a bout of flu I missed this show (and have been kicking myself since...) I have heard nothing but amazing things about it!

Catherine Fu- Midsummer Night's Dream
Catherine Fu was one of the highlights of Midsummer that descending upon the McAuley Theatre last fall. She had excellent pacing, was beautiful and handled the text well. She also had that special something that cannot be explained but makes her incredibly intriguing to watch and especially enjoyable to listen to as she speaks the text.

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