Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Nominees- Best Theatre for Youth

Don't know if some of you are aware of this fact or not. The number one grossing part of the theatre industry is Theatre for Youth productions! (Easily.) It's a multi-billion dollar part of the industry that encompasses some major players such as Disney Corp and all the major Shakespeare Festivals in the US. It is a huge part of our industry and it is the money from school's and parents that often keeps our business' afloat in these tough economic times. It would be remiss of us to not honor some great Children's performers and producers in our city.

If one of your major target audiences in a production is those under 18 then your production can also be considered Theatre for Youth. (Hello, Grant money!!!) Using theatre as a tool to help teacher's in a classroom is an awesome power we have as performers.

There are generally two types of Theatre for Youth. Theatre which stars kids, such as YAF's production of Spring Awakening or productions starring adults created for children's audiences. Neither style is better than the other. It is like comparing apples to oranges. However, you nominated both styles in this category--- so you have to choose which is better! (haha!) 

Serious credit also must be given to Theatre for Youth companies in HK who often produce their own originally created work which is an arduous task. 

Best Theatre for Youth Production

Sleeping Beauty- Golden Voice Entertainment
An original children's cabaret with a star studded cast this brought musical classics together with Panto style acting and audience participation. Kids and adults loved it!

Emma- Page to Stage
Page to Stage's mantra is taking classic literature and bringing it to life on stage. They often cover things on the HK reading list.  Emma could have been a super serious production but instead is very whimsical and light hearted.

Pride and Prejudice- Panther Productions
Panther Productions took on Austin's feminist masterpiece with an international cast of very talented women. Theatre is a great way to make a less than exciting novel a memorable experience for students who don't learn well in traditional methods. P&P was presented in way even boys could enjoy it!

Spring Awakening- YAF
Based on the tragic play by Austrian playwright, Frank Wendekind. The musical talks about issues like abortion, incest, rape, masturbation, suicide. You know, you normal musical topics... Oh yeah and the cast is all under the age of 22.

With Love, William Shakespeare- Theatre Noir
Theatre Noir's TIE show is kind of a riff on Brief History of Shakespeare, Abridged except for they only cover the romances and the troubled romantic relationships in the Bard's plays.

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