Saturday, June 2, 2012

Nominees- Best Bit Role

These actors took on lines that didn't have a lot of lines or stage time but left a huge impression on the audience that watched them. They had short and sweet parts in their productions.  Some were funny, some were sad, some were sexy... Just because the part was small didn't mean they didn't make a huge impression on the community!

La Chiquita- Sleeping Beauty
Our resident drag queen super star took on the role as a fairy in a children's theatre production. It's a serious challenge for a drag queen to not curse. She was believable, captivating to watch and funny!

Faith Lawson- Coffee and Cigarettes
Ms. Lawson is sadly back to NYC to take on the world! But before she left us she gave us the gift of this monologue in Coffee and Cigarettes. She played this tragically flawed person extremely well and was heartbreaking and likeable at the same time. She also sang a pretty good "Amazing Grace".
Rhonda Poon- Vday 2012
Rhonda did the Moaning Monologue in the Vagina Monologues. This takes a lot of guts. To fake an orgasm for any woman is a challenge but she had to do it in front of a hundred people and demonstrate it at length.
Jason Clark- Snow and the Deadly Seven
Jason played Prince Charming in The Vixens' first cabaret show. He was a delight on stage and has a body that could kill. We all loved having those gold panties make a reappearance!
So sad that they are currently battling to the death for an award... So tragic!
Mike Harley- Midsummer Night's Dream
Mike took on the role of shy Snug the Lion in Midsummer. He had excellent physicality and was charming. I particularly loved his lions growl. For those of us that work with shy child actors Mike embodied their experience completely.

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