Saturday, June 9, 2012

Review- Secrets Every Smart Traveler Should Know- HK Singers

After the sell-out success of I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change!, HK Singers has produced another small style cabaret musical with Secrets Every Smart Traveler Should Know. I love this style of musical. I don't think musicals need a lot of flash to be good. I think they need talented singers, a funny script and a great audience to come along with them for the ride. This show had all of these. Small intimate musicals are the innovative way for smaller theatre companies to delve into the musical genre without breaking the bank. It was an ensemble piece starring: Jai Ignacio, Moe Moss, Matthew Gillespie, Micha Sparrow, Paul Hay, Shareen Sing and Talia Ritz.

Directed by APA choreographer and professor, Mandy Petty, it was blocked incredibly well. It had excellent spacing and good use of the stage. I thought the choreography was well conceived and I particularly liked the use of the rolling chairs in the choreography. The pre-show concept was also very well executed by actors: Jai Ignacio, Moe Moss and Micha Sparrow. We only see vignettes of each character but I thought the acting was done well. The show was simple but excellent. They say simplicity is a sign of perfection. Please see: Reservations Part 3, for example.

I love a live band with a musical! We don't get enough shows with live musical performers in them and I was happy to see some great musicians accompany this performance. I tip my hats to both of the musicians in the show! I was sitting next to the band and especially loved watching the reactions of the pianist, Scott Gibson when he would find a part of the show amusing.

It's a very funny script performed by excellent singers! My personal favorite song was "Acapulco" performed by Moe Moss for the writhing on the bench moment. I also really enjoyed the bookends of the play when all the performers would sing together. It showed their great skill as singers and the ability to balance each other as a team.

It was a night of good, fun theatre! It's entertaining and very accessible material for expats who live the traveling lifestyle! I enjoyed myself and I know all of you will too! Teens would enjoy the piece although I'm not sure they would get all the jokes!

There are shows left on Sunday but I'm am unsure as to whether there are tickets available or not! I highly recommend seeing it if you can get your hands on them. It's a very happy show! Sometimes we need to see a show that makes us happy!


  1. I saw the show on Sunday night and didn't like it... The voices sounded tired.

  2. They probably were tired as it was the last performance and they had two shows on the Sunday!