Friday, June 1, 2012

Nominees- Best Actor

Some people think that men have it easy in the theatre business. That it's a lot easier for them to audition and get parts because there are less of them compared to us females. I don't think that is the case. People have really high expectations for what men can do on stage. You have to be funny, sexy and assertive all in one. You have to appear strong. All the guys who are nominated have that special something that make them one of the "best" of Hong Kong. They have that spark that makes them interesting as a performer to watch and great as a performer to work with.

I am missing a show photo and show poster of one of the nominees so I have subbed something in.

Neil Runceiman, Address Unknown
Runceiman gave his best performance that I've seen in this show. His character was a terrible person but as a performer was very good. I always give serious credit to performers who play characters who aren't likeable as people. It's much more challenging. I also thought his accent was well done.

Howard Paley-Address Unknown 
Paley co produced this production and took on a very challenging role as a performer. It takes guts to play a character that isn't very likeable. He had great emotions and was very interesting to watch. Particularly when you factor in the constraints of the set design he gave a pretty dynamic performance.

Michael Rogers- We Won't Pay! We Won't Pay!
 Our only comedy nominee, Rogers took on the beast that is Fo. Fo's work  is a mixture of Commedia d'ell Arte and political satire. You have to be loud, fast and funny. Michael is all three. He kissed a girl, got in a fight, spoke Italian, and rode in a coffin... all in clown makeup!

Adam Harris- Vincent
 Harris' nominated performance was in the one man show, Vincent, which talks about artists Vincent Van Gogh from the perspective of his brother. I think Harris is at his best as a performer when he does small and intimate theatre. And from the reviews I saw of the show, it seems Vincent was certainly a crowd winner!
No... This is not a photo of Adam Harris. I don't have a show poster or a show photo of this production. Please enjoy this Van Gogh painting!
Paul Sheehan- Nocturne
Sheehan is one of the staple actors of Hong Kong. He took on Rapp's dark comedy in Nocturne. I didn't see this show but from previous performances I know that Sheehan is incredibly didactic as a performer and has excellent vocal skills. He plays deeply flawed characters well. It also doesn't hurt that he's very handsome...Girls love their eye candy!

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