Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Best Band Nominees

To help people who are having trouble picking people in the music category. 

Here are the youtubes for the Best Band Nominees. Give them a listen and make yourself knowledgeable of some of the best local talent in the music industry in Hong Kong. We tried to pick different genres and styles when we picked our selection. I believe it is good to observe and learn new things every day as an artist. Experience something new today courtesy of me! If you don't like any of them then pick one at random! (You can always pick No One Remains a Virgin for having an awesome name!!!)

 Just like people do in the Academy and at the Tonies and at the Grammys. Do you really think 50 cent knows much about the bluegrass albums? NO! But he votes for them!) Do you research. Ignorance is NOT Bliss despite what they say!

Heidi Mak
(Heidi's best stuff is on Myspace or Soundcloud.)

One Arm Bear

No One Remains a Virgin

HK Philharmonic Orchestra

Sun Eskimos

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