Saturday, May 26, 2012

Nominees- Best Musical

Now, I did not see all the wonderful nominees that you all voted for! But obviously they made some kind of impression because this was the category that we had the most nominations in! You all must love your musicals! I don't have show photos of all the nominees but I do have some links to some helpful articles, reviews and some youtube videos! Thanks Satoshi for letting me link to your reviews, somebody loves their musicals... Hopefully this will help you all in making your decision if you're having issues deciding.


I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change!- Hong Kong Singers
The hit ensemble musical talks about the issues between men and women. A true ensemble piece directed by Wendy Herbert was with minimal scenery, props and costumes. It was just talented singers/actors telling a great story!

Spring Awakening- YAF
Based on the tragic play by Austrian playwright, Frank Wendekind. The musical talks about issues like abortion, incest, rape, masturbation, suicide. You know, you normal musical topics... Oh yeah and the cast is all under the age of 22.

13, the Musical- Theatre Noir
The debut of the Tony nominated musical about our awkward teen years was presented by Theatre Noir with an adorable bi-lingual cast.
You can see Satoshi Kyo's review here.

Chopsticks, the Musical- Perry Chiu Experimental Theatre
The new musical created by Perry Chiu is about the famous Canto-pop group The Chopsticks Sisters. It is also the first Cantonese musical to cover the subject of lesbianism in HK culture.

Sun Yet Sen, the Opera- Opera Hong Kong 
A commissioned world premiere opera by Opera Hong Kong. Sun Yet Sen was a beautifully designed work and probably more modern than any of the other work done by Opera Hong Kong this year. You can see Satoshi Kyo's review here.

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