Monday, May 28, 2012

Gone but Not Forgotten!

A sad tragic thing happened in the McGurgan household today.

I broke my favorite coffee mug! Only a true coffee person gets what a sad thing this is! I don't drink alcohol so coffee is the closest thing I have to a drug in my life!
Goodbye Sweet Friend...

The perfect mug for your morning brew just makes the early morning rise to work so much easier... My mug was also brand new having been purchased as my souvenir from my recent trip to Singapore. I will miss you beautiful Starbucks Mug with the Merlion on it.

You were the perfect size and microwaveable. Which is a good thing for me on Sundays when I'm a lazy drinker and a cheap ass so I won't brew a second pot. I'll just reheat it the same cup over and over again. But I'm rambling....

But then again this is a memoriam post about an inanimate object... Hopefully you'll get the joke and the homage to Cougar Town as this coffee mug was my Big Joe.

So with Danny Boy playing in the background off of Youtube I layed my mug to rest in the trash can. I would have buried it but I don't think you can bury things in Hong Kong.

Which makes me wonder what do you do when your pet dies? Have them cremated? Are there ashes of dead pets floating through out the air of our fair city? Am I inhaling Fluffy right now along with the pollution? Any hoo, I hope I will find another perfect mug one day. If not I'll be hopping down to Starbucks and picking up a Hong Kong one. It may not have a cute Merlion on it but it will be the right size....

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