Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Best Show Nominees

Best Show Nominees!
I couldn't find a photo online of Iron but I was able to find a youtube promo.
All of these photos belong to the artists who helped create these productions. They are in no way my property I'm just loading them up here to help people who are asking to see examples of the work. Please use these as tools to help you make your decisions on who to vote for!

Address Unknown- HK Microfest 
Apparently Co-presented with Paley Productions, thanks for the info Giles!

Iron- Sweet and Sour Productions
A touching piece about a broken relationship between a mother and daughter.

We Won't Pay! We Won't Pay!- Italian Chamber of Commerce
Dario Fo's comedy about hunger, poverty and the inevitable rise of the people. 

Shakespeare's Will- Twice as Good Productions
Critically claimed play about Shakespeare's wife, Anne Hathaway. No relation to the actress who will be playing Catwoman soon.
The Isle- Theatre du Pif
Written by Paul Poon Wai-sun this is apparently his last work written before his "crazy period".


  1. I think its important to know who directed the best show nominees as they made the show what it was - them and the actors obviously - so I can help with a few of those....
    Address Unknown directed by Giles Burton
    with Howard Paley and Neil Runcimen
    Iron directed by Candice Moore with Jacqueline Gournay Grant, Moe Moss, Barry O'Rorke and ?
    Shakespeare's Will directed by Robert Tsonos
    with Suzy Sampson

    1. Yes, Directors and Actors are essential part of the show's success. I'm also a big cheerleader for the team effort of a show. Techies help a director realize their vision. I can't list every single person in every single production in the blog or I know I would leave someone out... So it's just easier to name the production company and hope people will put 2 and 2 together!