Thursday, May 24, 2012

Best Local Visual Artist Nominees

Here are the nominees for best local artist. Since we didn't get enough nominations for the category I tried to pick a variety of mediums for you to pick between. We have a gallery manager, a zine artist/graphic designer, a sculptor, a urban sketch artist and a multi-media artist. Pick your poison or pick one at random. All are valid mediums and all are up and coming artists in the scene. You can always find out about new and upcoming local artists on Hong Kong Art Web, which is one of the best sources for local artists to display their work. Here are just some samples of their work but you can always find out more about these artists via their own personal websites and blogs! Just google them, la!

The Nominees

Gary Yeung
Gary is an urban sketch artist. Hong Kong is what he loves to draw! You can check out a lot of his work at Studio Gario.
Take a look at one of his most recent works done on a sketch crawl.

Timothy Loo
Timothy Loo is a graphic designer and zine artist. I recently saw some of his work at a Zine Fest. His was really fascinating and was about the things we take with us everyday in life but cannot take with us into the afterlife. Deep stuff for a zine, eh? He also works as a drama teacher during the day to pay for his art supplies and is a master of instagram!

Esther Yip
Esther Yip is a paper and wood sculptor that is inspired by the cityscape of HK. A scene designer can't help but love her avant guarde models of our city! Some of her work is also very whimsical!
You can see more of her work at her artweb page.

Leo Lakerson
Leo Lakerson is the Gallery Manager of Future Industries. Future Industries is an art organization dedicated to expanding and creating new things in the current art scene. One of the staples in the Hipster/ Indie Art culture in town, Leo is a pleasure to work with and a social media maestro! He is dedicated to bringing new, local artists to the forefront of HK's scene. He is also talented at his own stuff. But I nominated him for his dedication to discovering new talent and pushing the envelope. We need more people like this running galleries in town!

Ho Sin-Tung 
She has a studio in Fotan if you wish to check her stuff out in person or you can check out her website here!
Ho Sin Tung is a multi media and film artist working in Hong Kong. She works in many mediums but is often inspired by HK's movie culture. She also shoots beautiful shots of HK's landscapes in the NT.

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