Thursday, May 24, 2012

Best Charity Production Nominees

I don't have show photos for all these nominees! But I have all the posters which should help jog your memory on what the experience was like! What matters about these productions is that portions of the proceeds from these productions went to help great charities! Combining Art with a great cause should be encouraged and one of these great shows should be rewarded for all the hard work they did helping others through their craft. This awards process is supposed to be fun! I wanted to reward people for all their hard work all year long! Don't take it all that seriously people, it's not a bomb...

Annie- DEER Theatre, HK Society for the Protection of Children
A musical spectacular with a cast of over 100 people, including 60 very talented kids! This production went to raise money for HK's children in need! 

El Puente- Stylus Theatre, Cambodian Orphanage 
Co-presented with the help of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce. World Premiere adaptation of the book by Jose Manuel Sevilla. El Puente explored life, death and had spectacular performances by Adam Harris and Liz Merendino.
Coffee and Cigarettes- Aurora Theatre, Cambodian Orphanage 
A combination of world premiere 10 minute plays and short excerpts from known authors. Aurora Theatre combined two known pleasures to raise money for tiny orphans in Cambodia! Whether you love new theatre or helping people it was a great night at the theatre.

VDay 2012- HK Arts, Harmony House 
VDAY is an annual event in Hong Kong where women perform The Vagina Monologues by Eve Ensler and 100% of the proceeds go to a women's charity. Harmony House is a domestic abuse shelter in Hong Kong that helps women, gives counseling to men with anger issues and is the only shelter to accept people from the LGBT community that are in abusive relationships.

What a Rack- ACT Hong Kong, HK Breast Cancer Foundation
A must do every fall from ACT, chaired by Madame Mischa Sparrow is always a pleasure. This year we got a live band for the first time! And we got rocking tunes from the 90's to now! Raising money for the Breast Cancer Foundation of Hong Kong it is a fun way to spend a night and help women in need.

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