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Nominations for HK Arts: Best of Hong Kong 2011-2012


Below are the nominations for HK Arts: Best of Hong Kong 2011-2012. This was an open nomination process. We had hundreds of emails sent to us by members of the community. Although a lot of people just seemed to be nominating themselves (you know who you are), most of you took some serious thought about who you thought were the best. I deeply appreciate the time it took for you to fill the nomination form out. I know it was tough because when I filled mine out it was a arduous task.

Ballots were not only counted by me but by an outside source not associated with the art community. The nominees are listed in no particular order. We would love to have photos for the blog of any nominated show. If we are Facebook friends could you please tag us so we can upload them? It is for a future article so that people can make informed voting decisions.

Three categories did not have 5 artists nominated in them: Local Band, Local Visual Artist and Best Reoccurring Audience Member. I find this to be a little sad that people don't know 5 local visual artists/musicians so I took it upon myself to fill in the missing gaps to make it five. Do your part and research them before the voting begins! We were only missing one nomination in Audience Member category so I filled it in with something I know we all love and cherish in our community. *please tell me you can read sarcasm!*

An online poll will up in a few days hopefully! But you are always welcome to turn in your votes via email. You may vote once only and for one person in each category. Votes will be counted not only by me but by my outside source. Winners will be announced in June.

1.     Best Show (Non Musical)
Address Unknown- HK Microfest
Iron- Sweet and Sour Productions
We Won't Pay! We Won't Pay!- Italian Chamber of Commerce
Shakespeare's Will- Twice as Good Productions
The Isle- Theatre du Pif

2.     Best Show (Musical)
I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change!- Hong Kong Singers
Spring Awakening- YAF
13, the Musical- Theatre Noir
Chopsticks, the Musical- Perry Chiu Experimental Theatre
Sun Yet Sen, the Opera- Opera Hong Kong

3.     Best Actor
Neil Runceiman, Address Unknown
Howard Paley-Address Unknown
Michael Rogers- We Won't Pay! We Won't Pay!
Adam Harris- Vincent
Paul Sheehan- Nocturne

4.     Best Actress
Sara Bulckaert- The Dining Room
Louisa So- Rabbit Hole
Maggie Blue O'Hara- Fool la la!
Jacqueline Gourlay Grant- Iron
Catherine Fu- Midsummer Night's Dream

5.     Best Director
Giles Burton- Address Unknown
Wendy Herbert- I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change!
Candice Moore- Iron
Jonathan Brantley- The Dining Room
Clare Stearns- Measure for Measure

6.     Best Designer 
Lara Genovese, Set Design- California Suite
Andy Burt, Lighting Design- El Puente
Meaghan McGurgan, Production Design- We Won't Pay! We Won't Pay!
Lindsey McAllister, Production Design- Spring Awakening
Matthew Gillespie, Set Design- Annie

7.     Best New Comer 
Sophie Connell/Tracey Wong- Annie
Simon Grunberger- Coffee and Cigarettes
Jonathan Nazer- C&C and Private Lives
Lester Clark- Yellow Face
Jenny Hann- C&C and The Dining Room

8.     Best Producer/Best Company
Stylus Theatre
HK Rep
Sweet and Sour Productions
HK Ballet
HK Microfest

9.     Best Stage Manager
Katy Forse
Mae Lim
Joni Ann Griffin
Wendy Herbert
Chen Wai Sing

10.  Best Supporting Actor
Matthew Gillespie- I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change!
Adam Walker- The Dining Room
Daniel Garcia, California Suite
Adam Harris- Midsummer Night's Dream
David Tobin- Snow and the Deadly Seven
Martin Sarreal- 100 Saints You Should Know*
* In the case we had 2 actors with the same number of votes so we have 6 nominated in this category.*

11.  Best Supporting Actress
Shirley Sheung- Private Lives
Suzy Sampson- California Suite
Apple Ng- Chopsticks, the Musical
Aisling McDonnell- We Won't Pay! We Won't Pay!
 Marion McDonald- I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change!

12.  Best Bit Role 
La Chiquita- Sleeping Beauty
Faith Lawson- Coffee and Cigarettes
Rhonda Poon- Vday 2012
Jason Clark- Snow and the Deadly Seven
Mike Harley- Midsummer Night's Dream

 13.  Best Charity Production 
Annie- DEER Theatre, HK Society for the Protection of Children
El Puente- Stylus Theatre, Cambodian Orphanage
Coffee and Cigarettes- Aurora Theatre, Cambodian Orphanage
VDay 2012- HK Arts, Harmony House
What a Rack- ACT Hong Kong, HK Breast Cancer Foundation

 14.  Best Cantonese Production
Rabbit Hole- HK REP
Titus Andronicus- Tang Shui Wing Theatre Company
Lady la Tiger, Queen of the Bitches- Pip Theatre
Fat Pig- Academy of Performing Arts
WW2- Lala Team

15.  Best Theatre for Youth Production
Sleeping Beauty- Golden Voice Entertainment
Emma- Page to Stage
Pride and Prejudice- Panther Productions
Spring Awakening- YAF
With Love, William Shakespeare- Theatre Noir

16. Best Original Work
Original Plays- Coffee and Cigarettes- Many Playwrights
Snow and the Deadly Seven- The Vixens- Meaghan McGurgan
Sleeping Beauty- Golden Voice Entertainment- Michael Sharmon
Fool la la!- All Theatre Arts Association- Maggie Blue O'hara
Chopsticks, the Musical- Perry Chiu Experimental Company- Perry Chiu

17. Best Dance Show
Seven Sages of the Bamboo Grove- HK Dance Company
Beating the Classroom- Tang Shui Wing Theatre Company
La Fille Ma Gardee- Jean M. Wong Ballet Company
Luxuria- Don't Tell Mama Productions
Snow and the Deadly Seven- The Vixens

18. Best re-occurring Audience Member
Satoshi Kyo
Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy Payne
Meaghan McGurgan
Random drunk person who falls asleep during Act 1 and disappears at Intermission

19. Best Local Band
Heidi Mak
One Arm Bear
No One Remains a Virgin
HK Philharmonic Orchestra
Sun Eskimos

20. Best Local Visual Artist
Gary Yeung
Timothy Loo
Esther Yip
Leo Lakerson
Ho Sin-Tung

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