Thursday, May 3, 2012

Gallery Opening 3812

I was pleased to be invited by my friend and fellow HK artist, Mark Peaker to his art gallery opening next Friday! They are celebrating their one year anniversary by bringing a young talented artist to Hong Kong. Mark is not only an artist he is a philanthropist and has been very kind to our community by giving and helping to raise money for several artistic charities over the years.

 It is now my duty to help spread the word and make sure we all show up for free booze! It is our duty as a community to eat cheese and crackers! *Please tell me you can read sarcasm...*
 (There will be cheese and crackers right?) There better be or you might have a fucking riot on your hands Peaker... You don't want a bunch of drunk artists around a mixed media piece... BELIEVE ME. Not pretty!

The opening is May 11th, 7pm to 9pm! Please RSVP if you plan on attending. You can more information about directions and so forth by contacting Joe at the gallery when you RSVP or by going on to the 3812 website: The exhibit is called the Sounds of Nature and is a mixed media installation by artist Lin Guocheng.

Here is the beautiful flyer! I can't wait to see the show, lovely! It's going to be fab! I love any opportunity to see new and upcoming talent. More galleries should bring in new stuff! Especially that big gallery on the harbour in TST. I think it's called the Museum of Art. I have seen the same old shitty pottery there for four years. Change it up! Hong Kong is supposed to be one of the most progressive and modern cities in the world! Our Art Museum shouldn't have dusty old ceramics taking up half the building!

Also if you don't read Mark's blog you totally should! I love reading it!

I attended this show last night and it was totally worth the cab fare out to Aberdeen. Food was awesome! (Thanks Mark and Calvin!) The artist is seriously talented. I was blown away by the attention to detail and the beauty of his work. The fact that he also works organically is also pretty fucking impressive. I also had a great time networking and meeting new people. This show will be up in the space until July. They are more than happy to have people out to see the art. GO SEE IT! It doesn't matter if you have the money or not. You should go out and see new and emerging chinese talent. Also, the space is FUCKING HUGE! It is a little difficult to find via bus so I highly recommend getting a couple friends and cabbing it together. Then maybe a jaunt over the Top Deck for buffet!


  1. actually opened a blogger account so i could leave a comment: so happy that there is a blog that's dedicated to hk english-theatre! i've been hoping to get engaged in this field a few years back but somehow just couldn't find much useful info... till now that is. so happy to have come across your blog (with ACTUAL recent updates!). just wondering if you could give any advice to this newbie on how to keep updated with audtions for english-dramas? many thanks! and keep up with the good work :-D

    1. Audition information is more heavily passed around via facebook groups. Join the HK_Arts Facebook group for all the open audition information I receive. Open auditions happen but they are less frequent than they used to be. I am strongly against pre-casting but it is the elephant in the room in this city.