Saturday, May 26, 2012

Nominees- Best Designer

These are the nomination for Best Designer. We have a couple set designers, a couple production designers, a lighting designer. All aspects of design are an important part of the theatre experience. These people (included myself, thanks for nominating me!) work hard in a town where spaces are expensive, we don't get a lot of time for cue to cues and we work on really small budgets. Show some techie love!

Lara Genovese, Set Design- California Suite
California Suite was Lara's most whimsical design all year. Set in the 70's it took some serious dedication to find all the period furniture. And we all loved the wallpaper in the bathroom!
Andy Burt, Lighting Design- El Puente
 El Puente was some of Andy's best work all year. One of HK's resident lighting pros. He got to light this show about war, the after life and got to light a sex scene while bombs flew. Who doesn't like that?

Meaghan McGurgan, Production Design- We Won't Pay! We Won't Pay!
I can't lie, this is me! I designed everything on this show. The lights, the set, the costumes, the props, and the makeup. But I had help on the execution of the designs. All on a very small budget.

Lindsey McAllister, Production Design- Spring Awakening
Lindsey headed up the design team for YAF's annual musical extravaganza about teen angst! I don't have a photo but I do have a youtube video of it!

Matthew Gillespie, Set Design- Annie
Surprisingly no photos seem to exist of this wonderful set design which included a massive stair case, flies,  a huge Christmas tree, NYC skyline and a period wheel chair which we all know Mark Peaker LOVED sitting in. 
By the way those two little girls in the red wigs are nominated for Best New Comer!

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