Saturday, May 26, 2012

Nominees- Best Supporting Actor

All these men are great chameleons! They are able to play many different types of characters! Some have been in the scene for a while and some are newer to us. They obviously have large fan bases because so many of you voted for them we had a tie and had to have 6 nominees! And there is a funny story about one of their nominations, please keep reading... I don't have show photos for all the gentlemen so I'm doing my best by subbing with show posters. Nominees, if you send me a show photo later I will come back and edit the post with time willing.

I'm doing these articles in my free time. They are very time consuming. Thanks to all the artists who have sent me photos of themselves. I will get to all of your categories as quickly as I'm working as quickly as I can. Thanks!


Matthew Gillespie- I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change!
Gillespie sang and danced his way into your hearts as part of the ensemble of Singers smash hit last fall! He played a geek, a teenager, a happy groom and many other characters. His versatility as an actor and ability to belt a high note are to be commended!

Adam Walker- The Dining Room
Walker was part of a great ensemble cast that took on the subject matter of the American WASP. Adam was especially good when playing child-like characters. His whimsical nature and excellent movement skills are something to be admired.  
Daniel Garcia, California Suite
 Daniel woke up to find a hooker in his bed in California Suite produced by Sweet and Sour Productions. He played his character to the tee and was hysterically funny. His scene was one of the best of the nights.

Adam Harris- Midsummer Night's Dream
 Adam played Bottom, an essential character in Midsummer Night's Dream. Delightful and witty in his performance he was one of the highlights of the show. He tone of voice and pacing are always excellent.

David Tobin- Snow and the Deadly Seven
David Tobin spent the entirety of the second act of his show wearing women's underwear and then getting eaten by zombie girls in their underwear. You obviously understand true art by nominating him.

Martin Sarreal- 100 Saints You Should Know*
 Martin's nomination process was actually a funny one. I got lots of nominations sent to me that said, "the creepy guy in 100 Saints You Should Know" or the "Guy in 100 Saints You Should Know, not Paul" or my personal favorite, "the brown guy in 100 Saints". My readers are so helpful... He obviously left some kind of impression on all of you. I didn't see the show and actually have NO IDEA what it's about but the show photo does look rather creepy... Many thanks to Suzy Sampson for telling me his actual name so I didn't have to list him as "the creepy guy"!


  1. poor Martin had to work very hard to become the guy that nobody wanted to be friends with - in the early stages of rehearsal I told him .... the problem is I still like you too much!! - and he is a very lovely person and hugely talented. the monologue he did for Kevin Spacey was awesome!

    1. It's tough playing an unlikable character!